Saturday, January 16, 2010

A percontation point

Sometimes I spot a fun, new word and decide to try and use it in a Scrabble game. Today, I succeeded in starting a game with RHETORICAL and then later, after much planning, and Bob's letting me (by not blocking the set up) I placed PERCONTATION. Fun words both. Whoppers of a score, too, because big, big words often stretch over two double word scores, or a triple triple. A percontation point is like a sarcasm punctuation mark for a rhetorical question. I saw some discussion online of inventing one or re-inventing one from the 15th century so as to be clear when you are being sarcastic. We would not want any misunderstanding in our written text, would we?!? Some just use an upsidedown question mark.

Bob got the pre-emergent and fertilizer down the earliest ever in the year. If you wait too long, the weeds sprout first before the grass can get a good toehold. Chickweed and dandilions then spread across the yard. Seemed kinda at cross purposes to put down the pre-emergent and the fertilizer in the same day, but we will see... I think the fertilizer stains, as Bob came inside with a yellow mark across his nose and cheek as if someone had written upon it.

Then, I looked upon a video attachment from friends at church of this cute little kid (turns out to be his son) stealing the show during a Christmas show of Tennessee Ernie Ford. And we You Tubed our way through his hits and hymns. Ah, for the good old hymns. And You Tube means you have a musical library at your fingertips.

A little laundry, a big lunch, and some more Tennessee Ernie Ford. I don't think I took a bath and got dressed until late afternoon. And our little neighbor, Pedro, gave me a fire and ice rose! Fancy. White with an orange-pink tips and center. Am I spoiled or what? I drool over the roses at the grocery store but cannot justify buying them. And I don't know where Pedro gets them. We keep him well supplied in candy, crackers and drawing materials. Maybe one of Pedro's relatives works at a flower shop. It is a mystery.

Tonight we have improved our minds with a few documentaries on Hulu. We learned about the Vikings. As in Greenland and Iceland settlers type Vikings. They went east and west. Into the Mediterranian, too. And we learned about the Burger history of California in Burger Town. And we watched the crazy Mac people. I think you have to be an artist to own a Mac. I about fell asleep during that one, but revived, and made some popcorn.

I am on the hunt for a fifteen letter word. There are fifteen spaces across the Scrabble board. A compound double would be nice. That way, it might look believable. APERCONTATIVELY might just do the trick. or DISPERCONTATION. or NONRHETORICALLY

The problem with super big words in Scrabble is that the board has to be laid out such that you have the space. It is so sad to have a really big word and no place to put it. Our board was top heavy, so it just worked out. But, I am sure that Scrabble purists would have a conniption fit. But, the big words keep me sane. Bob just likes to play. He plays with seven tiles and bingo-ed twice right off the bat yesterday. And he was so humble about it.

Hey, we already have a percontation word: NOT


jennifer said...

We enjoy Tennessee Ernie Ford as well, just not often. His son - is his name Larry Ford? - has a wonderful voice too.

I hope that you are having a great weekend!

jennifer said...

Joyce, you might enjoy this post

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