Monday, January 4, 2010

Pre-spring cleaning: boring alert

There is something bittersweet wrestling with the portable crib, and stripping sheets off the guest bed, and hauling the camping air mattresses back to the little house for storage. I got sweaty trying to fit the silly (expensive yet light) sleeping bag back in its little baggie. Good grief. I should have looked at the size of that dinky bag before I even started. My job will not meet certain standards. But, surely certain ones would repack the thing before heading out to the wilderness.

Our little house was built before we moved here over thirty years ago to house a relative. No bathroom, but it came carpeted, and elderly neighbors remember helping build the thing. Then the folks before us used it as a sewing room. And we have housed a seminary student there on two different occassions. But, now, it is just for storage. Old (yet keepers) toys, the Christmas tree, camping equipment, boxes, and the siding type insulation Ben's panels came in. Bob was gonna put them in the attic, but that did not happen. Probably my fault. Now what to do with them. Oh, well. Outa sight, outa mind. ha

Now that we have two guest rooms, we don't need it for a bedroom. It acts as a sundial, as it showcases dramatic shadows. The chin up bar tells me the sun is so far south now.

Today is a chance to clean up, as well as put up, and brace for the super cold temperatures coming our way. Back in the ninties, we had a week of below freezing temps that froze and killed shrubs on the north side of the house. Those kind of temps are coming, and they estimate that it may be Thursday through Saturday noon that the temp does not get above freezing. Temps in the teens may seem balmy to our relatives in Alaska, and they may snort and scoff at our fears, but our attic could use more insulation. And pipes burst in the streets when the temp stays in the teens for long. At least our plumbing is not in the attic, as it is in Houston housing.

I sure am enjoying the Collin Street fruitcake Andy and Lauren bought us. The cake batter is just right, and they own their own pineapple farm, and I think I taste dried apricots...yum. They are so generous with wonderful pecans. It has to be the best fruitcake in the whole world!

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