Friday, January 1, 2010

Even Babies are Gifts and Givers!

My folks used to come visit and enjoy playing with the grandsons, but complained of the colds and crud our boys gave back. I was reminded of that when our great nephew visited and threw up and had loose poops. His dad warned me that the loose poops part was starting to affect them, too. So, sure enough, I won't need those fiber capsules this morning. Thanks Josiah. He is a cutie. He can give me intestinal distress any time.

Josiah has a little huggable bear and his pacifier is attached to the bear. Well, the bear gets dragged all over the floor, and the pacifier, too. And the little guy is teething, so he chews on his fingers, and so everything he touches---which is EVERYTHING he can get his hands on as he explores the world, means that he is a walking, talking, spreader of germs. And that is how babies build up their immune systems. Bacteria proof soap is not the best, the "experts" tell us now. It just breeds super germs.

So, thank you, Josiah. Old folks and bowel movements talk go best for a New YEARS Day!!!

I hope I have grossed out everyone sufficiently today. I am trying to compete with blogs named: My blog is more boring than yours.

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