Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Word Searches: Death and Dying

Where is the first mention of dying in the Bible?

Genesis 2:16, 17 from any tree...eat freely...but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil...you will surely die.

Where is the first lie in the Bible, and what does it have to do with death?

Genesis 3:4 the serpent said to the woman, "you surely will not die!"

Where the the term dust to dust originate in the Bible?

Genesis 3:19 ...till you return to the ground because from it you were taken for you are dust and to dust you shall return.

Why did God make them garments of skin and send them out of the garden?

to cultivate the ground from which he was taken.

Right before the next death, what did God say to Cain??

Genesis 4:7 sin is crouching at the door, and its desire is for you, but you must master it.

What did God say to Cain after Cain murdered his brother, Abel?

Genesis 4:10 the voice of your brother's blood is crying to me from the ground.

What is Cain's punishment? Cain is cursed to be a wanderer and no strength from the ground, as in nothing he grows will bear strength.

What was said about Abraham's death?

Genesis 25:8 Abraham breathed his last and died in a ripe old age, an old man and satisfied with life; and he was gathered to his people.

Who changed a name given at a birth and a death?

Genesis 35:18 as her sould was departing (Rachel) named him Ben-oni but his father called him Benjamin.

Who was buried by two estranged sons?

Genesis 35:29 Isaac breathed his last and died and was gathered to his people, an old man of ripe age, and his sons Esau and Jacob buried him.

Where was the first death by fire recorded?

Leveticus 10:2 And fire came out from the presence of the Lord and consumed them and they died before the Lord.

Where was the first death by plague recorded?

Numbers 16:49 by plague 14,700...besides those who died on account of Korah.

How long were you declared unclean for touching a corpse, soldier slain on a battlefied by the sword or naturally?

Numbers 19: 13, 16 seven days

What happened at Aaron's death?

Numbers 20:28 Aaron's priestly garments were tranferred to Eleazar, his son, then Aaron died on the mountaintop, and was buried there, and Moses and Eleazar came down from the mountain.

Where is death by fiery serpents recorded?

Numbers 21:6 The Lord sent fiery serpents among the people and they bit the people so that many people of Israel died.

What happened with Korah?

Numbers 26:10 the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up along with Korah. 250 men.

What happened when directions were not followed precisely?

Numbers 26:61 N. and A. died when they offered strange fire before the Lord.

What was the punishment for a murderer who used an iron object as a weapon?

Numbers 35:17 death

What was the punishment for a murderer who used a wooden object as a weapon?

Numbers 35:18 death

What was the punishment for murderers who used ambush?

Numbers 35:20 death

What was the punishment for murderers who murdered with their hands?

Numbers 35:21 death

How about if the murderer used stones, rocks or dropped a rock on someone?

Numbers 35:23 death

Who was told to die on the mountain???

Deuteronomy 32:50 Moses is told to die on the mountain where you sacend and be gathered to your people, as Aaron your brother died on Mount Hor...

Where is it recorded that this was fulfilled?

Deut. 34:5

How old was Moses, and how was his health at the end?

Deut. 34:7 120 years old when he died and his eye was not dim nor his vigor abaded.

When is it recorded that hailstones killed people after the 10 plagues of Egypt?

Joshua 10: 11

Fun facts playing with the word search on Biblegate. Nothing like a funeral to send you searching for where did this custom get started?!

Another thing that struck me yesterday when I was singing in the car on the way to the funeral: Be still my soul....the CROSS of grief or shame. Grief is a cross we bear, those of us left behind. Bob had pointed out to the widow that God had honored her with being the one left behind. Another way to look at it, eh? That being the widow is the gift as it might have been harder on the other to be left.

I should have brought an extra flag, because the one presented to the widow became something precious to her, and she no longer wants to give it up to the first wife. I had warned her son to tell the funeral director we'd need two flags, but the funeral director was an idiot.

I don't want to forget how my friend, now a new widow, taught me by example to thank servicemen and women in uniform for their service. I walked over to the funeral detail and shook their hand, looked them in the eyes and thanked them for coming, and for serving. They were suprised. I don't think they get thanked very often. It was a funeral detail from Fort Hood. Then the new widow, flag still in her arms, walked over to the three soldiers, and you could see the suprise, almost alarm, in their eyes. She thanked each one, and shook their hands. wow. One soldier had the most beautiful green eyes. Then my friend asked me to get her out of there. So we did. We left. Went on to the church for a delicious lunch.

Me and my big mouth. I don't know what to say, and sometimes speak without thinking. The weather was gorgeous, it was a privilege to pray with her, and be there, and I hope it was a help, not a hurt. But, these events can be so wearying, and the widow was tired. When I left her yesterday to come home, as she returned to family duties, she said something about the day, and I said, "it was fun". Not exactly the right thing to say to a new widow. But, it was fantastic to see how smoothly, and how our prayers were answered, and my gift of giving her my whole day was indeed a privilege. Someday, if/when grief stricken, I hope someone reminds me to go to the bathroom, wash my hands, drink water, and sit. She did not need me, as she has plenty of caring family, but, I know she'd do the same for me if the roles had been reversed.

Last Wednesday, her husband came home from work, as was his usual routine. His faithful dog met him at the end of the drive, as she knows the sound of his truck. He was sick in the night. Was it flu? Something he ate? Congestion from a cold or cough? Thursday morning, his heart stopped and he quit breathing. My friend had to give him cpr three times. But, by 2am Friday morning, he was gone. My friend had to shop for a casket, and was so gracious to let her extended family have input. Carried along by the custom of our day of visitation, she was on her feet for over eight hours greeting the whole town and everyone at her husband's company. Then the funeral yesterday. I tried to distract the little toddler with chocolate cherrios. Bob spoke as he'd been asked...and while we had taken separate cars...it was so strange to hear his voice from the back of the room. And to not see him again until that evening. I was afraid to look at him, afraid to break his train of thought.

It has not even been a week, and my dear friend's life has been turned upside down. Please comfort her, Lord. Please protect her and walk with her. As that sunset last night showed. It looked like You were done. The clouds were gray after the pink got swallowed up. But, a ray broke out and colored againt he clouds with a pink and You said You were not finished with this sunset. Please guard my lips, and make me a help, not a hurt.

There is a friend that sticks closer than a brother...I hope I was that friend yesterday, that sticks closer than a sister.

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Bob said...

You are that friend, dear. And you are that dear, friend.