Friday, January 1, 2010


How come we can chat and learn stuff about each other on facebook, but when face to face with the actual person, we get shy and don't know what to say to each other??

How come?

I so enjoy chatting and touching base with friends and relatives on facebook---some are super busy moms that I am just so glad to be a part of their lives---wishing there was something like facebook when my boys were tiny, and so looking forward to seeing them, but when face to face, my mind went blank. Maybe it is an age thing. ha. A blank brain can be a blessing.

Some think facebook is evil. That mom who posted stuff about her newly drowned baby was severly criticized in the media, when I know she was grieving and just reaching out. As a woman, I try not to overload my husband with every, single thought. But, sometimes I am just bursting at the seams to unload something, and blogs, facebook, twitter seems to help organize my thoughts.

I used to write letters. Think Christmas blathering letter. And doing them on the computer was easy---like a newsletter. Easy to personalize. I had the whole country feeling guilty about owing me a letter. But, selfishly, it was more about me wanting to share and give. And many are too busy to write back. My Christmas cards this year were almost purely defensive in the sense that I responded to cards sent. I know folks are busy, but why do they send a card with just a signature?? Too busy to share a little about their lives? It is like they are saying, "here, I am thinking about you, and doing some strange duty or custom, but I hope you can do with just my carefully worded sentiment and my signature for another year." I don't mean to sound ungrateful, as the world is full of all kinds. Some of us like to blather. Some of us are tellers---we love to share our stories, oberservations, bowel movements, griefs, joys and sorrows as a gift to warn others about the path ahead, and as a way to make sense of it all.

Having one grandchild here for Christmas was so quiet and good and fun.

Having three well behaved, polite niece and nephews here the past two days was loud, and reminded me of the days when my house was trashed by toys, and food and crumbs.

Both visits have their good and bad. Both made me want to take a snapshot of it to hold on to. Babies cry. accidents happen. life is messy.

And then I really enjoy the adults only things, too. Getting to visit with our grown sons, and our two glorious DAUGHTERS-in-law. I only had sons, so to get grown up, potty trained, beautiful, wonderful, smart, amazing WOMEN in our house for extended What a GIFT !!! And I am so glad they love my sons. And I hope and pray our youngest finds a wonderful wife someday, too. In God's perfect timing...just as his brothers have been so blessed.

Happy Anniversary to my folks. Back in Illinois on January 1st, 1955, two young kids got married in a tiny church surrounded by friends and family, and I was born a year and a half that makes it their 55th anniversary. I ought to call them. It is 9am. I bet they are up.

More later. Because this is a beautiful, clear, glorious day. I think we will be able to open the windows later this afternoon. It is near freezing now, but wow. This is Texas. And it is suppose to get up above 55 degrees today.

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Bob said...

You can blather all you want ... and sometimes I might even listen, especially if the topic gets onto bowel movements.