Friday, January 8, 2010


I don't know where I got this misperception, but weren't we suppose to enter the new century not needing firemen? Weren't houses suppose to be made better, and technology improve to the point that business would no longer need them? Instead, our firemen are busier than ever. Christmas trees continue to be a fire danger. Every year. And our news is full of reports of firemen battling fires in the summer and suffering heat exhaustion, and now in the winter, with temps in the teens, our firemen are suffering cold soggy clothing.

Yesterday, I had to call 911 as sparks were flying of the neighbor's power line into branches and dead leaves...and the operator insisted on sending a firetruck. I met them at the curb and explained the situation. They did not even have to get out of the truck. But, their call to the power company brought the prompt visit from the contracted tree trimmers who worked the rest of the day to remove tree branches from along the power lines behind three neighbor's houses. The tree trimmers even have a truck that eats branches---their own chipper.

Our neighborhood recently got a brand new firestation. They build the new one behind the old one, then tore the old one down. I wonder how they like it.

Did anyone else grow up under the impression firemen would no longer be necessary in the future? Or, was it just me?


Mrs. JP said...

I don't know about that Joyce, I've never really thought about that much progress! But now that I do I'm so very thankful that we've never needed to call on their services. Also, I'm thankful for those brave men who risk their lives to save ours.
By the way, thanks for the link to Ann Coulter's article. I think she's great.

AirmanMom said...

I could not imagine the world without firefighters-what would I do for a calendar ;)
Honestly, I had never thought our world would ever become that long as there are humanoids with matches/lighters- there will always be a need to put those fires out! We've had 2 fires recently at gas stations, people talking on cell phones while filling their tank...Yep, there will always be a need for firemen!
Interesting post!