Sunday, January 17, 2010

Springtime in Texas

It was only suppose to get up to 63 degrees today. It is over 65 degrees, and we have the windows open, 'cause it is 75 degrees inside. They are predicting temps in the seventies all week! wow. Guess we need to take the trash bags off the whirly birds on the roof.

Spring is here.

Short winter.

In Texas, they called it an "Artic Blast" but it was but a taste of winter for 59 hours. 59 straight hours of temps below freezing. Big whoop. Broke a lot of pipes. And we can see snow as late as Valentine's Day...

Good thing Bob put the pre-emergent on the yard yesterday. And the fertilizer. ha

Looks like the weather will be gorgeous tomorrow morning when we attend Bob's Uncle's graveside. Fog this morning. I wonder if fog still reminds my sister of when she buried her first husband.


AirmanMom said...

oh do have springtime! Maryland has been enjoying some gorgeous days this past week...actually hit 50 degrees! Today is rainy and 40. However, I have a strong suspicion there is plenty of winter left for this area.

Bob said...

Oh, were that the weather had been so agreeable at the graveside. For a "warm" day, that wind sure sucked the heat out of everything.

joyce said...

It was no courtesy to ask the ladies to sit on the painted cement benches. They sucked the warmth right out of us. And I almost did not bring my coat. I should have sat on my coat. whoa. And it is too hot on Memorial Day to walk around and look at the round shields...

joyce said...

And I do not understand blocking the main entrance. That was unreal...making everyone line up by the maintenance building. Yikes. But, now we know that the maintenance building has a bathroom.

And to see that eight rows had been added behind Aunt Mary since Dec. 2007. wow