Tuesday, January 5, 2010


The weathermen are predicting the coldest temps in years. It may stay below freezing from Wednesday night until Saturday. And some temps in the teens! So, the stores are packed today with people stocking up.

I went to Walmart and enjoyed buying a wedding Barbie for our granddaughter's birthday. And a Sleeping Beauty and her horse with a long mane. The wedding Barbie even comes with bendable wrists so she can show off her wedding ring. They had the ugly Barbies from 1965, too. I remember getting a bubble hairdo Barbie as a young girl. And you could not comb her hair. And little girls like to comb hair.

It is so fun to shop on the pink aisles!! I wonder if they make a toolbox type of contraption to hold all the Barbie shoes, and outfits??!! Surely. See the practical side is coming out again. I just can't help it!

And Barbie can do ANY job. Walmart had an astronaunt Barbie from the sixties. And the Barbie stuff is kept separate from the Disney princess stuff. What is up with that? I guess the Disney princesses are fantasy and Barbie is modern? They even had a set of Barbies in sleek black dresses. I don't think they were widow Barbies. I think they were your basic little black dress night-on-the-town type Barbies. But, with a black hat and veil, a summer widow maybe. And I saw the Twilight Kens. The "regular" Ken looked like he needed a haircut and hair gel.

Can you tell I am a mom of just boys? Waltzing down the Barbie aisle is a treat for me. They have Barbie makeup, and Barbie outfits little girl size, and tiaras. wow. Grannies could go wild.

Only at Walmart can one stock up on kitty litter and Barbies. I saved my meat purchases for Tom Thumb after going by the post office with the longest line ever--and just one clerk. There were two for a while, but the long line was actually bothering this clerk, so he put the closed sign out, and said he needed to go get a drink. Maybe if we had smiled instead of frowned he would not of felt the need. We all got to know "Meghan" as she was twirling around her mother in line. Mom was saddle down with a huge box, six month old brother in his carrier, and chasing this little girl. She was very co-ordinated. She could walk backwards a long distance along the line. Most of the time we did not have to watch her, as she announced to all what she was doing. "I am sitting" was cute along the side of the post office that holds cutsie envelopes and wrapping materials. I think the line moved as fast from people bailing as from people being actually waited on. It amazes me. In any other business, they would go OUT of business when making their customers suffer in long, long lines. If only I could figure out how to reset my pass word online I would never buy stamps at the post office again.

When cooking for just the two of us, the smaller packaged meat fits us better. And I restocked our green tea canada dry cans---so the clerk at Tom Thumb said she'd like to come party with us during the coming artic chill---what with meat and canada dry. I did not tell her that I don't have a grill. If we lose electricity, I will need to fry this meat on the small camping stove.

And I found a stash of pretty kleenex boxes. I refuse to have ugly ones sitting around the house. Life is too short. I try to stock up when I find some pretty ones. Plain, no lotion for Bob.

As that Russian commedian that immigrated to American used to proclaim: "What a country!" The sun is shining. Horse tail clouds and jet trail clouds crisscross the sky. I am so blessed with a car, and plenty of gasoline, and a Walmart and Tom Thumb to restock the frig and cabinets. Clean clothes, plenty of soap, and shampoo, and comforts. What a country, indeed!

Sallycat seems better. Back to napping in the patches of sun on the carpet. She let me administer the pain meds and the cream on her ouchees.

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