Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Well, that was too much excitement...

Here I was, making supper. Using the back burner to boil rice to round out our pork chops and asparagus. And the back burner blew. Blew as in blew up with a loud pop, and spark and flames, and burn marks on the glass bowl sitting next to the stove, and browning the bottom of the rice pan as if with brown paint. I turned off the burner. And tranferred the rice and water to the microwave safe bowl, and finished the rice cooking in the microwave. The big burner still worked, so I finished the pork chops. And microwaved the frozen asparagus. Those little freezer bags of steam-in veggies are just right for two people.

The house was full of smoke, so I opened the windows. The cat wanted out. And when Bob pulled up ten minutes later, he asked why the cat did not want back inside. I guess he thought I'd been mean to the cat or something. And he wanted to know why the windows were open. Had I lost my mind?? He wasn't too keen on hooking up the hose for me either, as I wanted to flood the north side bushes before the deep freeze. And it was also garbage night. Sheesh. Can't I do anything?? He has farming to do on the computer.

And he does not want to watch the orange bowl. There is nothing else on.

Oh, well. At least the cat still likes me.

Its been a pretty good day.

He says he just planted corn to feed his cows, 'cause they make the cows fat. The corn? or the corn syrup?

click. click. ...click.

update: another reason to keep kids out of the kitchen when cooking: that burner blew and embedded pieces of metal in the pyrex bowl next to it. I have tried washing the bowl, as a brown paint like dusty coating did come off. But, what if that had been my face? or hands? time to look into burners that do not have wires or metal showing. The stove top burners are probably thirty years old or older. The old mustard yellow paint on the stovetop kinda dates it older. One other burner had dropped out its middle, so I was needing to replace the other small burner. Time to go shopping. It is a wonder I did not burn down the kitchen. I think my guardian angel was working overtime.


Rita said...

He needs to switch over to Cafe World, then he might understand the stove/cooking thing.

Theresa said...

Ah yes, I am quite familiar with the click, click, click. Bob is one of my neighbors! :)

joyce said...

garage door broke, lamp broke, back burner blew===all within the last two weeks! what next?

Mrs. JP said...

Gosh,,,when it rains it pours. But I'm so glad you weren't hurt! Wow, Bob's really gonna have to buy you a new stove or give you combat pay :)