Monday, January 4, 2010

Trip to the Vet

Man am I out of shape or what!

Sallycat was looking poorly. She was sitting in my rocking chair. I have never seen her sit in my rocking chair. I think she was in a fight this morning, as I saw tufts sticking out of her side when she then jumped up in the windowsill. She seemed to come in slowly, and was all hunched. And when I checked her out, she seemed to favor her right leg.

I tried to tempt her with greenies, but she would have nothing to do with her usually favorite treat. I even pulled out the vacuum, but she did not jump down to hide from the mean old vac.

So, I called the vet who has an office on the corner near our neighborhood. That is where we have always taken our animals. They had an opening at 3:30pm. I thought it would be less stressful to just carry her up there, but wrapped in a quilt, I was winded carrying a ten pound cat! After the vet looked her over, and adminstered pain meds and sold me some topical cream, I called my neighbor (and animal lover) to come get us. Thankfully, Mary was home, and brought us the one block home from the vet.

Now Sallycat is hiding under the desk all curled up hoping I leave her alone. That is enough excitement for one day. The vet is a scary place. They have scary barking dogs and strange smells.

Silly Sally. She was fine yesterday, and patrolling the yard and checking her pee-mail just fine. I think I have let her in and out three or four times just this morning. She prefers the side door when I am doing laundry, but will go out the front if I invite her.

She just seemed to be headed downhill too fast this afternoon. All hunched, and sad, and unable to find a comfortable position. And laying in the rocker---softer maybe, but when there is a sunny spot on the carpet? That was my first sign something was wrong. The rockers rock---they move too much. And there was this wooden rolling pin in the chair, too. Strange. When I moved her to Bob's rocker and put her on the quilt, she stayed in this odd position with her head upside down, and her back in the air. I just hate to see an animal suffer.

Usually, when she gets a bite or puncture from another cat, the spot will fester, and need antibiotics or burst and drain. And she will be poorly for a few days just laying around licking it to death. I just think she needed checked out this time. And I should have used the car. Even though she finds the car distressing, I could have rigged a soft net bag to a seat so she could not dash or jump down in fear. Then I would not have gotten so winded. But, at least I got some exercise today. And the peace of mind that our cat is not suffering. The vet said you can give a cat baby aspirin. Good to know for next time, as it would have been a lot cheaper.

She is up on her shots. Not due until May. I asked. I figured since we were there....might as well get it over with.


Mrs. JP said...

Oh, poor you and poor little Sally girl. You did the right thing in my book. Look at this as a boost to your cardio workout for the week and you'll be able to sleep tonight knowing she's not hurting.

Bag Blog said...

I hope Silly Sally gets to feeling better. Frankie, the bad cat, needs to go to the vet soon or we will need to change is name to Pepe la Pew.