Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Life Well Lived

Bob's Uncle Bill died this morning. He would have been 94 in July. His dear wife died back in December 2007.

Uncle Bill Williamson was a very Godly man, a true gentleman and wonderful example to his children grandchildren and myriads of nieces and nephews. He was a prayer warrior---praying for all by name.

When you marry into a family, meeting all the new relatives can be daunting, and Aunt Mary made sure I was welcomed as a new bride over 31 years ago. They lived in Carlsbad, New Mexico most of their married lives, so whenever we visited, they treated us like royalty. And they kept us abreast of the goings on of all the cousins coast to coast.

Over 12 years ago, they moved to Coppell to be close to their daughter, and we so enjoyed visiting them, and hearing the family history.

What a bittersweet day this has been. Notifying our sons, and talking to Bob's siblings, enjoying pictures Uncle Bill's grandson and granddaughter-in-law posted on facebook...wondering whether to leave messages with those still as work or teaching classes, and getting to hear the wonderful voices of most. We saw most of them all at Christmas and New Years, but some are best contacted by phone to get caught up on their news since then. It was good to hear the rest of the story of the group that got snowed in in the Ozarks. I am so glad everyone enjoyed that reunion. Can't wait to see the pictures. And I am looking forward to hearing more family stories.

Uncle Bill was the last of his siblings. Another WWII veteran who spent four years in Europe fighting for freedom, and then came home, got married and raised three wonderful children. (two of his sons would go on to spend twenty years each in the Army and Marines)

When we tried to add up the years of service starting with Uncle Bill and Bob's Dad during WWII and their sons, and now grandsons, we came up with over 100 years of service. And the legacy of Biblical principles of freedom and patriotism continue to this day. To know that Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary prayed for us all by name for years and years is such a humbling blessing.

And thanks to Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary getting married after WWII and starting a family---that is how my husband's folks met. Aunt Mary's sister, Clara came to see her new baby nephew, and met Uncle Bill's brother, Joel, also recently home from WWII. They met and married and raised eight wonderful children, and their third son is Bob, my husband. So, the Carlsbad cousins were actually double cousins, sharing the same set of grandparents. As a little five year old boy, Bob remembers getting lost walking between Aunt Mary's house and Aunt Helen's--the third sister who had also moved to Carlsbad to be closer to her folks. All Bob knew was to tell the policeman that he was walking to Aunt Mary's house---but when Aunt Helen pulled up and the policeman asked, is that your Aunt Mary? Bob said, no, that is my Aunt Helen.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Uncle Bill's sons and daughter, and their grandsons and granddaughters. What a wonderful legacy. What an awesome example. What a life well lived. I am so glad Uncle Bill is now face to face with his dear wife, and brother and sisters, and the Mom he loved to tell us about. What a fantastic reunion. What a party that must be!

May we honor his memory by living lives that honor Jesus Christ.


Bag Blog said...

It is good when you know people have lived a good life, loving God, and doing right. But I'm sorry for your loss.

joyce said...

Thank you, Bag Blog. Bob's Uncle Bill was such a good man, yet humble and did not like being the center of attention. I got to thinking that he won't be there to stop us from honoring him.