Monday, January 11, 2010


My favorite line in the movie, My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding was where the aunt says, "no problem, I make lamb."

Lamb was on sale at Tom Thumb. $2.50 for a package of ground lamb.

Then the stove burner blew. How to "brown" lamb without a stove? I buttered a glass cassarole dish and covered it with a lid. It browned up nicely, but kinda tough. Then I added a box of cornbread dressing mix, and a package of lima beans. Voila'. A cassarole.

But, I could still taste the wild gaminess that is lamb. Mustard helped. Lots and lots of mustard. There is enough for tomorrow. Any takers?

You don't like meat? No problem. I make lamb.

Maybe if I added some chunks of cheese. Or eggplant.

It is a challenge---cooking without a stovetop.

Bob wants me to brag that I just beat his butt playing Scrabble. 358 to 243

But, I need to confess that Bob spotted the best place to lay the word, JOKE where it married up with CODA sideways slipping the word JOKE into the triple word score for a total of 92 points for just one JOKE. I don't usually tell good jokes. I would not have seen the space for JOKE. I also used four of the triple words scores. That helped.

And what a wonderful time we had with Amber. We got to pretend for 24 hours that we had a daughter. Wow. I got to walk thorough Hobby Lobby with someone who gets Hobby Lobby! Wow. What fun! I baked the eggs in buttered pyrex bowls for our breakfast. They were a little dry. Next time, I will cook the bacon first, then lay the eggs inside the circle of bacon and bake them. They were almost hard boiled. James is in the field freezing his you-know-what off, but they did get to do some live fires, I think. HOOHAH.

Hope I have not said too much, as loose lips sink ships. And as an Army mom, I know enough to just be dangerous.

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Bag Blog said...

I have never made lamb, but I do love to walk through Hobby Lobby.