Wednesday, November 12, 2008

330 to 271 I won !

This has been your daily Scrabble report. Mom beat Dad, 330 to 271. Poor Dad drew bad, bad hands. I ended up with five "I"s.

How was my day, you ask? I got up early to the smell of coffee brewing because I remembered to set the coffee maker on auto start last night. Bob worked in Fort Worth today, so he did not have to go so early. I headed to Walmart and got some grocery shopping done. Bob asked me to pick up some more rye grass seed. I walked into the garden department at Walmart first thing. Their garden center is quickly turning into Christmas central. But, Bob told me where he found the grass seed a few weeks ago, so I headed there, but no seed. Lots of fertilizer left. And a worker pushing a grocery cart of bags he had taken off the I wandered over to him and asked where the seed was. He told me to my face that they were out. Did not have any. I pointed to the seed bags in his cart, and said, I want those two. He reluctantly pulled them out. To. My. Face. Amazing. Thankfully, I had watched my four year old nephew yesterday, so it was fresh in my mind how four year olds say, "no" to save time.

Armed with victuals, I headed home, ate breakfast, put groceries away, and later Bob called home saying he needed something from home, and so I made him lunch. Bertolli bag and a bag of frozen corn. It is so rare for him to come home for lunch. Armed with quarters, he went back to downtown Fort Worth.

Boring enough yet? It was a beautiful day. Leaves falling at a steady rate. Kinda overcast until later when the sun came out and fluffy clouds drifted slowly by. I got a dishrag knitted watching Brietbart TV. They featured a most disturbing story about a church in Lansing, Michigan targeted by criminals last Sunday who disrupted their Sunday morning service chanting, yelling, pulling the fire alarm, making out on the stage in front of the shocked pastor. Sadly, former members or members children raised there that knew the layout, and how to get to the upper level to release a banner. It is a crime to pull a fire alarm, isn't it??

What would our church do if attacked? How do your drown out deviants? How do you fight back? I noticed the same symbols used by criminals during the holocaust. They can't come up with anything original. Have we learned nothing from history?

Catering to the teens and being afraid to harm their self-esteem hasn't worked out so well, has it. Wonder where the criminals got the money for banners, outfits, megaphones, glitter...some school that uses the word, "like" a lot. Such tolerance. not.

Time to open the Bible and read the book of Romans again.


Tatyana said...

I used to be a WalMart shopper. I loved walking down the aisles looking at all the cheap consumer goods for sale.

Bob said...

That's one of the great things about Scrabble -- it's a game of skill, but in the end it all comes down to luck.

You know, it felt kinda funny going to church on a Thursday night.