Friday, November 21, 2008


I enjoy weather websites. Here in Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area (DFW) we experienced our first "freeze". Not all of the area got down to 32 degrees, but some did, and some even experienced the windchill of 25 degrees. Which, the radio (WBAP) reported had not seen such a low dip since the middle of March. The "official" temp at the airport--which is the only one that "counts" was 36 degrees. (oh, I can just hear my northern readers snorting at that !)

My husband and I are the only ones rattling around in our house these days, so we have not turned on the furnace just yet. It was tempting this morning, as the temperature inside the house dipped down to 65 degrees. But, it is starting to warm up, as our south wall gets full sun. Sallycat found the warmest spot behind the black curtain on the south wall where it is a balmy 82 degrees. I poked the thermometer into the screen on the south wall with the window open and it reads 72 degrees. So it is actually warmer outside on our south wall than inside the house. The front thermometer reads 42 degrees, so I will keep the front window shut for now. There is still a light breeze out of the north.

Candles burning--scented Yankee candles. (double wick says over 100 degrees on the thermometer) And my decorative strand of Christmas lights around the sink work as a light in my kitchen and warm it a bit. I put in all orange-yellow colored bulbs around Halloween time, and they still give the kitchen an nice glow. In summer, I unplug them as its silly to heat up the kitchen whilst running the AC. I wonder if we can tack up the Christmas lights up front this weekend?! Maybe after Bob gets his Sunday School lesson all done. This year, I want to copy what we saw whilst patrolling last year---Christmas lights hidden up out of sight under the eaves so that they give a splash of light on the front of the house. Then we can leave them up all year--out of sight, since Bob installs them with that precise staple method. I am not saying we will light them all year. We do have neighbors that leave their Christmas decorations up all year. When we walk by their houses, we sarcastically remark to ourselves how early or late they are in decorating for Christmas. For example, today's comment would be, "look how early they are---they must be the first ones to put up those door sized candy canes for Christmas framing their front entrance." Whereas, a comment mid-March might be: "look, they are ready for...." I don't know, but red and green just look odd before Halloween, in my opinion.

I wonder what happened to the puppy cam today? Oh, well.

It is a balmy seventy-two degrees here at the computer. The computer stack thingy puts out the heat and registers 80 degrees. Bob's brown chair sitting in the sun is registering at 90 degrees. Mud turtle temp. No wonder Bob can sit there in his shorts. The sunshine usually interferes with his laptop screen, so we close the black curtain.

noon: puppy site it up, but there is an black traveling cage in view. Are we going on a trip?? Is someone being transported to their new home?

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Bob said...

You're pretty handy with that thermometer (I'm just so glad it's not the rectal sort).