Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bob won again. 325 to 277

Give that man some blanks and he can bingo twice in a row ! Yikes. I had to take the blanks away from him. He is just too dangerous with blank tiles. Whoa.

Yesterday, my adventure at Walmart will make me think twice about using their "site to store" service. I received the email saying part of my order was in and they would only hold it until December 9th. So, I printed out my email notification as instructed, and I even read the warning that you must sign for each item. Well, the "site to store" pick up area is way in the back behind the yarn, behind the shoes, way back by the bathrooms. And the employee break area must be back there, too. A parade of employees walked by, and most were looking for dates. I feel sorry for the women employees at this Walmart, as the male employees hit on them. Yikes.

I handed the clerk the printout, and she went to her computer screen and made it spit out the receipts. She handed me the receipts and asked me to sign. I assured her that I would be glad to sign when I was actually eye-balling the actual order. So, she stuffed the receipts under the printer, and went to look for the order. I should have taken advantage of the bench. I should have eaten lunch first. I should have brought my camera and practiced taking pictures. I had my yarn with me, but there is just something nasty listening to the toilets flush. It is just not the shopping ambiance I enjoy.

The order was in a big bag. Every item I had been notified about was there and so I dutifully signed five slips. The clerk could not find number six, but assured me that if I needed to bring something back, just bring my printout. Sure. She called for someone on her microphone to come change out the printer paper, but they couldn't get it to spit out more paper, either. I continued shopping for things on my list, and checked out with no problems.

The online Walmart shopping experience is convenient in that I found sizes the store is usually out of. But, it might be worth it to pay the extra 97 cents for delivery.

I regaled Bob with this boring Walmart story on the way back downtown to fetch his memory stick. Memory on a stick, is that not funny?? Bob worked downtown Fort Worth yesterday, and had forgotten his little memory stick, so we fetched it before it got to late. Who knew Fort Worth does suffer five o'clock traffic jams?? Who knew? Now we know. Bob said that seeing the pump truck parked by Ruth Chris was off putting. I agree. Any opportunity to bad-mouth Ruth Chris is a good day to me. Ruth Chris and Del Frisco are literally on the same block off Main Street in downtown Fort Worth, and their competing valet parking is a joke. I have never used valet parking in my life. And I am an old woman. But I have waited outside Bob's building many a time watching the valet folks literally drive the cars twenty feet to the curb and charge people $5 plus tips for that privilege. But, I digress... Outside Fort Worth, on the less pleasing east side, I noticed a store dedicated to "Romance". Their list of products promised to meet all your romance needs. Not a half mile away is a massuage business. I commented to Bob that the romance and massauge folks should combine resources for a one-stop romance convenience. There are all these industrial tile and rock shops along the east side. Great gas prices, but I think the bars on the windows swayed Bob in wanting to stop. When a passenger and not the driver, I had the opportunity to observe more. Bob drove down streets I would never venture in broad daylight. But, then, I am a chicken.

Bob watered the grass shoots last night. Our rye grass crop is doing well. The promise of months and months of winter green. Ah. Restful to the eyes.

Wow--that James has the brains for this Chemical Corps training. He said he made a 98 on a re-test on radiation. And a 100 on another test yesterday. Way to go, James!! Somebody keeps whispering that they won't need this information, but I hope when James finds out he did need to know something, that he comes back to these instructors and correct them. Between al qada and iran making bomb noises, there will be a need for the Chemical Corps. Just today, the Zawaheary terrorist called obama a bad name which the press will not accurately report because of pc, and obama has not even taken office yet. The enemy sees obama as weak. Yikes.

I did find a cone of beautiful copper and brown shades Peaches and Creme yarn at Walmart yesterday. And I have knitted two dishrags from it already. Certain colors just sing to me. And the cones are so much cheaper than the skeins. I have a thank-you bag of dishrags and hot pads all ready for our neighbor that gave us some cookie dough. Now to catch her at home in order to give it to her...

On this Wednesday, I am trying to remember the good pass scheduled for tonight at 6:18 pm---just as Bob is pulling into the drive, we need to look SSW for a pass of the space station and shuttle fly overhead. 84 degrees means right overhead. and minus 3.0 means very bright. Should be fun. Then church and the second half of the Expelled movie. Then Scrabble. What more??

Time to vacuum, and put some hang-up laundry away. And the birdfeeder needs refilled. This new feeder is indeed squirrel proof. And my new addiction to the live puppy website. (No, I don't want a puppy---I'd rather watch someone else pick up their poop) And cake wrecks oughta have a new post up now...

9:44am---wow, I just saw this email from James: 299 on his PT test. 300 is maximum, I think. I will email for clarification. Way to go, James !!! And in super cold temps, too. (super cold compared to what he is used to in Texas)

12:34pm after lunch. Wow--I sit down to write, and think I don't have anything to write about, and fill up a page. I read somewhere that to become a good writer, you just need to write. And to think I used to write letters to friends and relatives all over the country--and blather on and on, when this method is better---they can read if/when they want to.

The sheets are changed, the washer is humming, the puppies are barking (online) and Rush is going on about what conservatism means. And I worked on the hall closet. It is time to donate a bunch of Bob's old suits. Our boys are past needing them for plays or costumes. I moved some stuff to the other guest room closet so that we can access our coats easier.

And I got a notice that the other items are in at Walmart---so I can finish that order, and pick up some toothpaste for Bob.

I don't think these puppies--Shiba Inu, are a very calm breed. Their little bark can be quite shrill. They are so funny to see playing. They fight over toys, but sleep together in a heap.

10:53pm Bob and I almost tied. We played Scrabble, and I kept Bob from using the blanks, so I won with a final score of 219 - 218. I wonder if anyone has ever tied at Scrabble?? Then what happens?

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