Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday and Autumnal Colors

I changed our clocks yesterday afternoon. So, we got to wake up in the light. With the time change, sunrise was at 6:47am. It is 5pm now, and the sun is no longer shining in the south window. Sunset comes at 5:36pm. James said that every watch and clock he owns sets itself. wow.

We noticed the trees are all turning pretty yellows and oranges and reds. The oak tree behind the little house has a little of each color. It was a pretty drive to eat lunch with Ben and Jenny. When I asked how they met, the reply included the convoluted but cute: Jenny is Ben's roommate's older brother's first girlfriend. I think it got that right. When will we know Ben is serious about a girl? When he pulls her chair out for her? Jenny seemed very nice. I am getting used to Ben's friends having hair in vivid colors and piercings. In fact, if Ben ever introduces us to one without, we will probably tell her, "you know, you are the first one without orange hair and piercings." I remember seeing ear lobe holes that big in National Geographic magazine when I was a kid. Amazing how styles come back around, eh? It is hard not to speculate what those holes will look like in twenty years. But, by then, plastic surgery will probably help.

Home after lunch for a little nap, and laundry advice giving. Hey, James, did you get all your clothes into and then out of the dryers?? They make powdered bleach safe for colored clothes. Better start with that. The liquid bleach is kinda dangerous, especially around all your camo. I put one small splash into my white load, but you have to be VERY careful not to splash any on your clothes you are wearing, or the washer surfaces, or the floor, or anything within ten feet radius. And never directly on the clothes. Into running water.

Why does silly Sallycat have to jump up on the bed and walk on top of me to get to far corner of the bed spot?? Is it a declaration to let you know she is there, so don't turn over and kick her? And if you walk by in the dark in the middle of the night, she will reach up and ever-so-gently, pat you with her paws.

What am I doing now? Reading blogs and knitting.

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