Sunday, November 30, 2008

It is not fair.

God, why are you allowing unbelieving Jews to die for you?? Satan, the enemy hates you, and Your Son, and I can see going after Christians that believe in Your Son, but the Jews are your special people. Please, they need Your protection. They need to hear the gospel, and they need to know that Your Son IS the Messiah.

Please guard your special people with Christians. Those who have believed on Your Son are going to heaven. Use us to stand between Jews and the irrational, cancer that is Islam.

To help wrap my mind around what happened in Bombay, India…an analogy: we attend a small church. Maybe 200 people. If terrorist criminals flew into DFW Airport, and got in cars, taxis and limos and wound their way down 360 and down Fielder and onto Randol Mill and found our church, and murdered us all, taking out a few at the police station, and hotel that also happened to be card-carrying members of Arlington Community Church, wouldn’t the press think it odd?? Wouldn’t they wonder what we were teaching on Sunday morning?? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy for our retired Pastor Charles to come back and identify our bodies, and say, yes, that is Pastor Mark, and he was a member. We would be in heaven. But what of the poor visitor that chose the same day to visit and was mowed down just because he was mistaken for one of us?? And what of the ones at the hotel---when asked are you a member of Arlington Community Church, would they say, “yes”??

That is what happened in Mumbai/Bombay, India last week. Jews were targeted. Jews were singled out and murdered. A small Jewish center that was a threat to no one was invaded, and nine people were murdered there.

Will we meet these dear, sweet people in heaven?? They were murdered because they were Jews. And Jews are targeted because they are God’s special people. It is our job as Christians to speak up, stand up, and cry out at this injustice. The UN will do nothing. The world courts are a joke. Israel must avenge this. Hunt down the terrorists and kill them.

And we, as Christians, must pray. Pray that God protect His Special People, the Jews. Pray that God reveal that His Son IS the Messiah. Pray that God will destroy anyone who threatens Israel. Pray that God blesses those who bless and curse those who curse Israel, just as He promised Abraham.

It is not fair. It should have been me.

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