Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday, but no church tonight, and Bob is home

Bob took a vacation day today to get ahead on his Sunday School lesson, and to use up days before the end of the year. It does not feel like a Wednesday, but the garbage did get picked up, so it must be. James is driving home. ETA 8pm at Amber's and then he will be home for a good night's sleep before tomorrow's festivities. For tomorrow is Thanksgiving. As Christians, we try to be thankful every day, but once a year, we shop like crazy, try new recipes, and stuff ourselves. And we listen to the MSM drag the Pilgrims and Puritans through the mud.

Let me say, I have never had to remove the feathers from a fowl. I have never had to cut the head off a fowl. I found a smoked turkey in the frozen food section of Walmart and brought it home, and took the plastic off it, and stuck that frozen smoked turkey into the crock pot to see how long it would take to heat it through. Since it is just Bob and me, we are still working on that smoked turkey. It tastes mighty salty to me, so I chopped some and put it in a stuffing cassarole dish with sauted celery, onion, and a whole clove of garlic. I baked my own cornbread for this endeavor, and used a box of regular stuffing and some Mrs. Dash, and some sage. And three cans of low sodium broth---I should have used four. It is a little dry. And we have plenty left for tomorrow.

I made up a batch of fresh cranberry relish---in the blender with orange juice to puree the whole oranges, and washed cranberries and washed pecans. Sometimes you can get a bag of pecans and they do not taste of that bitter pecan shell dust, but this bag needed a bath. Yum--orange juice, cranberries, whole cutie oranges, pecans and a little sugar to taste. It is good morning, noon and night.

Pumpkin pies are smoking up the house!!! I bought the fancy pie shells that come in a curled up long box. They unroll okay, but I needed bigger pie pans. I stood the sides up, but they fell down during baking, and a pie is lying on the burner giving the house that nice, burnt pie crust smell. Ambiance' Thankfully, we have the windows open as it is seventy degrees outside.

Fun-fun. I have run the dishwasher twice today already. Who thought of this "holiday"? Oh, yeah. We eat turkey for Thanksgiving in November, and at Christmas, and are so burnt out on turkey, that we do not bother the rest of the year---except sliced at Schlosky's. Tom Thumb (grocery store) was crowded this morning, but they had Promised Land egg nog---a treat our boys love. And I found some nice Pink Lady apples.

We are so blessed. Even though Bob is coming down with a cold---it gives him a sexy, deep voice. And he has time to get his Sunday School lesson done. And time to figure out why his laptop is not working. And time to water the grass. And spread that last bag of seed. And maybe fix the kitchen light. Always something with a house.

My pumpkin pie has brown sugar, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. And I made three little bowls of pumpkin pie without the crust. Helps with the overabundance of batter, and a taste tester sample. They cook quicker than the big pies. Most years I just make pumpkin pie in the square glass dishes and forgo pie crust all together, but Bob likes pie crust.

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