Sunday, November 16, 2008

Watching docking and waiting for hatches to be opened

Docking looked smooth. The space shuttle come up from below the space station. But, then there was this long delay waiting for dampening out. Strange.

I beat Bob 323 to 251 at Scrabble. Bob gave the new grass shoots a drink of water. Yes, we have teeny, tiny shoots of rye grass. All the seed did not get washed away after all.

Supper with Ben and Jenny...

more later...

It is now after 8pm. Something is bothering me about our visit with Ben. I just can't put my finger on it yet. Used? Maybe Ben was just humoring us for a free meal. I need to pray more before a visit. Ben keeps throwing out comments about his roommate joining us sometime. But, how his roommate is afraid we would "judge" him. Strange. Jenny seemed nice, but I could see them both texting under the table. Its kinda rude. Why bother? Time to pull back and let Ben make contact when he wants to. I remembered to give him his jury summons. December 1st. It will probably eat two days. Days he will be needing to work. Oh, well. We warned him that its a cattle call at first, lots of hurry up and wait, so boring to Ben who will be chaffing at the bit as to why they don't do things more efficiently.

I dunno. Such beautiful weather. Bob calls Logan's Roadhouse, Logan's Roadkill. They serve peanuts to snack on. And they throw the shells on the floor. It would be interesting to show when they first open to see how well they clean up each day.

Ah--just walked by the guest bedroom, and saw that Sallycat is sitting inside and empty box. I wonder why? I had set the empty box on the corner of the bed which she usually does not use. Silly kitty. We tried to take a picture with James' digital camera but could not get the flash to work. Next time a young person comes over, we will have to have them give us tips on using this fancy camera. Why would the Sony Cybershot people make it so complicated?? Why isn't it old people friendly? Maybe Sallycat wants us to mail her to James for a visit.

Washer beeping...


Bob said...

Sally Cat is ... well ... a cat. She does odd things because she's ... a cat -- self-serving.

Ben is ... well ... a boy. He looks like a man, but he expresses immature attitudes because he's ... a boy -- self-absorbed.

The boy will grow up. The cat will stay a cat.

Bob said...

Oh yeah, beating me at Scrabble is getting to be a rather annoying habit of yours.