Saturday, November 1, 2008

All breathing fine

When our boys were little, Bob/Dad was in charge of their allowances. I rudely called it paying them for breathing. It was a Saturday thing, and a way to encourage them to save. I'll never forget a tearful firstborn who thought Dad had cheated him with a paper dollar instead of coins. To a small child, more coins mean more money. Bob had gone back to the paper or his breakfast or something, and when I noticed big tears about to fall, I asked our firstborn, "Did Daddy cheat you?" "Uh-huh" was the sad reply. So, Bob traded back. And we waited a few more years before paying the allowance in paper money.

Paying them for breathing, somehow turned into checking on their breathing. Having received no calls or emails in a few days, I took the initiative to call them, and Bob got on the phone to chime in, and let them know mom was checking for good breathing.

Ben was doing fine. Maybe he will eat lunch with us tomorrow. James was pondering rejection for a credit card. And confessed he had talked to a certain young lady for two hours yesterday by phone. And that he had taken the bags of Halloween candy to the old veterans home to distribute when he received no trick or treaters. That was nice of him. We hope he did not put some old person into a diabetic coma. Andy was out shopping, and he said that in Ohio the Ohioans trick or treat on Thursday instead of Friday, the 31st. What is up with that? Hope they vote on time.

Time to play Scrabble.

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