Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Bob worked on his Sunday School lesson until midnight. I did not even hear him take a shower and come to bed. Wait...seems like I DO remember asking him why he took a cold shower. He insists that its the little hairs that cool his body. But, it was a good thing I had the electric blanket on.

This morning, Bob continued editing and printed out another copy. We went to church where his lesson was pretty well received being part two. Bob was approaching the proof for a suffering Messisah in the Old Testament. The Jewish folks don't call it OLD because they don't recognize a NEW. What DID Jesus preach/teach on the Road to Emaus?? Jesus must want us to dig it out for ourselves, because that message is not recorded except for the outline---Jesus used the Torah and the prophets to show these two guys AFTER the ressurection.

Music was bad, and the service was bad, but Bob thinks we were an encouragement to an elderly widower.

Lunch at Saltgrass---they do a great shishka-bob. Delicious. They could have grilled the asparagus a little longer, and we took home this humongous piece of pumpkin cheesecake for later. It was huge. We won't dwell on Bob tromping me at Scrabble, 360 to 270. The man bingo-es with any blanks. I ended up with five "I"s.

A nap, a walk, picking up trash, then watering the front yard. Bob blew off the leaves, and reported that the new grass springs back with a little trompling. It is such a pretty green.

Bathed, ready for bed. James called. Good talking to him, comparing our bad sermons of the day. Makes you appreciate the good ones.

A little puppy cam watching...

Out of bread. Out of lunchmeat. I will be going to the grocery store tomorrow and stocking up for Thanksgiving. I plan on taking the crock pot with me, and whatever fits in there...

Here is my Thanksgiving list: (menu and shopping) turkey, ham, stuffing with onions and celery, cranberries, oranges, pecans for salad and rum cake, cans of fruit for cobblers, marshmellows, apples, lettuce, milk, bread, crackers, and last but not least: A THANKFUL HEART

Most years I curse under my breath wrestling a huge, slimy fowl--washing, careful not to touch anything, wash hands, and clean the sink after...and try to get it in the oven and thoroughly cooked but not dry...oh, the horrors. I wondered, who thought of this holiday??? Mom kills herself in the kitchen for a fifteen minute feed, and hours of clean up. Yikes. Now, I am older, wiser, smarter to look for more convenience foods. Those frozen rolls taste just as good as homemade.

I am drooling already for the cranberry salad---with fresh cranberries, oranges, pecans and a little sugar...blended up in the blender. YUM. I think James likes it. It does not keep very long----so I ether eat it three times a day until it is gone, or slip it in muffins, dressing, etc. Cranberries are so good for bladders, but I wonder how clean they are when I see them being harvested online.

I can't believe I am sitting here looking at puppy butt. Living with guys--three sons, bathroom humor was THE height of humor. Watching the puppy cam, and the little puppies are all tuckered out, and this one literally fell asleep half way out of the bed with its little boo-hiney (as my sister Tina would say) framed right in the middle of the shot. Too funny. Bob says he remembers being that tired in the Army. Ranger School. Now, the little puppy has slid back uphill, back into the bed and is out cold between two other puppies. Beautiful nutmeg colored puppies. They can be whirling dervishes. But, they like to touch each other in a heap when sleeping. Too cute.

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