Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday Wrapup

Last night, I got to speak on Brietbart TV !! It was SO fun.

I started watching Scott Baker and Liz Stephans maybe six months ago. They come on at a good time for me. I sit here and fold clothes, and knit, and read blogs. They are a conservative voice, and did the work the MSM refused to do.

My husband and I lived without a TV in our house for what, ten years now? We tried to encourage our boys to read, and found TV distracting, and I hated it when we were guilty of yelling at our precious boys for blocking the TV screen. So, when the color went out, and the TV died, we let it go. Our boys finished junior high and high school just fine. Ironically, our youngest actually won two TVs at the senior prom party. They all have TVs now in their residences.

We let the very liberal local newspaper subscription go years ago, too. And turn more and more to the internet for a more balanced take on what is going on in the world. I read a lot of conservative blogs, and found Brietbart TV online.

So, last night, when Scott and Liz were doing a four hour election show, it was fun to watch, and participate. You can submit stories to Brietbart TV, and they respond to emails, and also manage online IM-ing. And it was so fun when they asked for my phone number, and then actually called. Bob was suprised, but he is used to me being mentioned on Brietbart. After supper, we took our walk, and I set the timer to go off at 7pm and warned him that Scott and Liz might be calling. He was busy watching the electorial maps on his laptop and watching Brietbart TV online over my shoulder.

So, thanks Scott and Liz !!! You made the election returns so memorable.

About the election results---I am astounded what our country spends to elect a President. And even though Senator McCain was outspent, and the MSM against him, help me with the math---of the 300 million Americans, over 55 million voted FOR Senator McCain. And over half of all Americans voted. No longer was there voter apathy.

This morning, it was sad to hear that President-elect Obama's daughters had to earn a puppy?? That is sad. And I don't envy them growing up in the fishbowl that is the White House.

I am SO thankful that folks in Chicago BEHAVED themselves last night. I so feared riots. And I pray that God give President-elect Obama wisdom, and protect him and his family because Biden makes me shudder. That guy makes stuff up as he goes along. And I hope President-elect Obama keeps repeating the phrase he used last night: "government cannot solve all your problems."

And is President-elect Obama serious about "those who would tear the world down"??? Palestinian terrorists celebrated by sending 35 Qassams and motar shells into Israel. And Russia can't wait to test his seriousness.

I put out my flag yesterday and again today.

On our walk last night, I remarked to Bob that he probably wondered at the time, why the testing of a jimmy carter presidency. Now, Bob can turn to his sons and comfort them as they serve under a president that has not a clue about what the military is all about. Obama has throw around figures---as if throwing 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan will solve the problem. Our troops are not a thing. Our troops are made up of brave men and women who can do a job and complete a mission. Those 30,000 troops you want to just throw into the mix need 100,000 to support their mission. And yet, Obama also talks about cutting the military 25 percent?

The talaban has already told Obama to get out of Afghanistan. Today. It will be interesting to see what Obama decides to do.

Thank you, President Bush for your class, and example of what a true Gentleman looks like. I wish you all the best as you come back to Texas. And I hope and pray you enjoy your days back home here in Texas.

And thanks to Meghan McCain for her wonderful website. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and stories the MSM refused to give us.

I suspect the press is pretty pleased with themselves. How long before they turn on their guy?

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Bob said...

I've likened Obama to Jimmy Carter, but the stronger resemblance is between Bush and Truman. Like Bush, Harry Truman was a social moderate but he had the moral clarity to recognize evil and oppose it. For that his reward was to be mocked by the Eastern elitists both in his own party and (of course) the opposition party.

Someday Bush's stand against Islamo-fascism will be vindicated, but he probably won't live to see it.