Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday, November 22

I want to remember my dear husband snug as a bug in a rug this morning. He usually has to get up and going before dawn, so Saturday is a nice morning to sleep in a little and take it easy. And it was cold in the house. Got down to 64 degrees, so when we did get up, we put on layers, I started the coffee, and we gave the new rye grass out front a good sprinkle with the hose. Coffee in one hand, sprinkler pressure attachment on the hose in the other. It was cloudy today, most of the day, so we broke down and turned on the furnace. No south sun to warm up the house, so we switched on the gas furnace and it warmed up to the default toasty setting of 68 degrees in here.

Sallycat did not like the strange noise of the furnace and insisted on being let outside and fussed at us to run for our lives, but she soon wanted back in when confronted by the neighbor's four cats prowling our backyard. One has the unfortuneate markings of a charlie chaplin or hitler type mustache. Pure white with two black spots on its side, and the black mustache. One is calico, and her newest teenager sized kitty that I have dubbed batman because its striking markings look like it is wearing a little cape and hood with black and gray in the cap in a round aurora borealis type flare. It is striking. They keep our backyard free of anything that moves...and surely there were no lizards about on such a cool morning.

For breakfast we dined on a baked biscuit with a blueberry sauce. It looked a lot like last night's dessert, but when aptly renamed, it took on a more breakfasty-name ambiance. Lunched on soup. Hung some clothes up from the dryer. Showed Bob yesterday's edition of Breitbart TV. And mostly, Bob worked on his Sunday School lesson. Last week's lesson which is on a similiar vein, can be found on his blog.

I took a nap, and heard the front doorbell, but Bob said it was someone inviting us to church. Usually, the doorbell heralds our five year old next door neighbor showing us his new shoes or asking for a cookie.

The sky cleared briefly, and gave us a little sunshine into the living room. We ventured out to the bank and chick-fill-you up, and watched the puppy webcam site on and off. It is almost 8pm, and the puppies are all piled on each other sleeping. They have had a lot of excitement today.

James just called. He will be home Wednesday night, Thursday morning.

I am knitting a combination Peaches and Creme and Sugar 'n Cream with lots of shade of brown. The coppery-color is pretty. I don't usually mix the two brands, but these looked so close--that they make a very multi-colored hotpad of brown, tan, copper, burnt orange, off-white, and a deep purple. I have a stack of nine dishrags done up, and I was able to use up all the half-balls of blue--that light purple-blue. How do you spell periwinkle??

Night James.

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