Friday, November 28, 2008

Another Turkey, Another Feast

It is Friday here in Texas, and it is quiet again in the house. The dishwasher is humming, and there is probably enough for another load.

James and his beautiful girlfriend, Amber, came over for supper, and Benjamin, too. I cooked the other smoked turkey breast in the crock pot with those white, thin-skinned potatoes, and I made sweet potatoes with marshmellows, and we had whole wheat rolls, salad, two kinds of cranberry relish, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pineapple upside-down cake. Coolwhip comes in a can now, too. What fun. I sent the leftover turkey home with Ben. I don't think Bob nor I could look at it for one more meal for a while. We need to explore other meats. It was very tempting to pick up another turkey at Tom Thumb today. They had huge ones on sale for $7. If only there was an easy way to bring it home, saw it in small enough pieces to fit in the crock pot...

The online news coming out of India is so sad. Terrorists were targeting the Jews in Bombay. That Jewish Center was not that easy to find according to Treppenwitz, and he was just there last week. Go to his website and read it for yourself:

As the story broke, I kept wondering which terrorist group it was, and what did they want. One group targeted the police, and the head of their anti-terrorist expert, and one group went for the hotels and a group struck the Jewish center. Some websites say that the terrorists have been planning it for weeks from inside the hotel. Other websites point out that they USED the news coverage to stay a step ahead, so the cable feeds to the hotel had to be cut, and news coverage given delays. Terrorists are like a cancer in that they adapt, and attack in new ways. I just wonder what movie they are copying. Seems like the gory movies coming out of Hollywood are giving the terrorists ideas.

Terrorists entering a city by boat, and mowing down innocent people are criminals with no regard for human life nor laws. These kind of criminals do not understand reason nor logic. They must be met with force, and crushed. And when we find out who funded them, who helped them plan, who aided them---those, too should be crushed. But, who will deal with these criminals, and the pirates of Somolia?


Bob said...

You did an amazing job of pulling off an impromptu feast. You just took your best guess about when everyone would show up and sure enough, the guests arrived as the food hit the table. You made it look effortless.

joyce said...

you are the brave one---eating stuffing four days in a row now.

Bob said...

If I'd known the stuffing hadn't been refrigerated, I wouldn't have been nearly so brave.