Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

I read yesterday that Chicago has a tendency to riot when they WIN sports--like basketball. Cars get torched, stores vandalized. So, it occurred to me last night that someone in Chicago is planning on going to the park and participating in the huge party planned for this evening, and although they did not plan on dying, they will fall victim to the party and rioting. And that sounds so cynical, but I think it is sad. What a waste of a life. That person has a mom and a dad who love them. And will have wished their loved one just stayed home and watched election returns at home.

There are those that just want all this to be over. No more robo-calls. No more political ads on radio or in junk mail. The champaign was just too long. We are tired of seeing their faces, hearing the same speeches, and we are tired of the alarming news from the left that seeks to shut down discourse and freedom. Tolerant they ain't. The media is in such deep denial about their bias. Just this morning, a reporter from ABC cut off McCain mid-speech. They don't cut off his opponent.

I wish we inked fingers to signify a voter. It would cut down on fraud. A little.

I wish we voted on the same day taxes are due. It would help us remember how much we already pay these people to govern us.

It oughta be a sign when the whole world including your enemies want a certain guy to win. It oughta give you pause when a certain guy running for president has such distain for the police, and asks his secret service guarding him to hide.

Why did I not put a sign in my yard?? As a Christian, I believe that God wants us to pray for those in authority over us. And as a Christian, I believe that any extra money we have goes to missionaries, and things with eternal consequences. As a Christian, I believe God is in control of history. He knows what our country needs, and God alone can bring our country around to His Way of thinking---a country without anger, arrogance, strife... Only God can remove the anger and help us get along and love our neighbor as ourselves. Only God can help us show respect to the elderly, and cherish the unborn and love and teach the children. As a Christian, we delight in a President and Vice-President, Senators, Reps, Mayors, etc who love and honor God and seek His will and His Ways with all their heart, soul and mind. As a Christian, I need a yard sign that talks about how God loved us so much, that He went to a lot of trouble to rescue us from our sin problem, and how He is coming back, and then He will set everything right. Until then, things look bleak sometimes, and there is suffering, and hurt, and the consequences of free will. But, someday, it will all make sense.

I did chuckle to get an email encouraging me to read Eccl. 10:2. Now that is funny! God does have a great sense of Humor! ! ! !

God set in motion free will, but also the framework of authority, nationalism, laws, order. We serve an Awesome God. I need a yard sign that says: "The Tomb is Empty" "Jesus died on the cross for my sins, and the sins of the whole world, and He promised to come back." May He find us busy pleasing Him. And if He has called certain ones to serve in high office, I pray He give them His Wisdom and Insight. They are gonna need it.

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