Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Here we are, sitting around reading blogs. Bob is working on his Sunday School lesson for tomorrow. We have watched the NASA highlights, and talked to our daughter-in-law in Ohio, and our Army son in Missouri. Our Air Force son has had a funeral every day this week. And looking at the weather websites, I bet today's funeral includes rain. Snow "bursts" for the Army son in Missouri today. What, praytell, is a snow burst?

It was so cute to hear our daughter-in-law talk about keeping the grandchild coloring on the paper. Every few sentences would be interrupted by, No, ____ color on the paper. Like paper training. All the world is your canvas. And she said that washable crayons come off walls, and the couch, but clothes, not so much. What fun.

Cool and windy here. We have opened the south window just to listen to the breezes, and the birdies sing at the birdfeeder. Our backyard is such a pretty green. We are so thankful for the rain of a couple of days ago. Spaced just right to give us a green backyard until January.

Breakfasted upon fried eggs, muffins, and coffee.

I am knitting a pink and grey pot holder/hot pad for a sweet neighbor that gave us some cookie dough last night. Here I was, just walking to the mailbox, and she handed me a bag of frozen cookie dough medallions. So, I am making up a gift bag of knitted dishcloths and hot pads as a thankyou.

More later...

Should be a good ISS pass on Monday night at 7pm if the weather stays clear.

LATER: Wow. Great movie over at Mudville, called, KHARTOUM, with Charlton Heston, made back in 1966. Helps look at where with are today with osoma. Wow. Thank you, Mudville for linking to this fantastic movie. Wish they had played that in my high school history classes. I found a book the Christian General wrote:,M1

Amazing stuff. How come I never heard of General Charles George Gordon (1833-85) ??

He was my age when he died trying to help the people of Khartoum. And I read online that the people of England mourned his death in a big way. Names things after him, and honored his memory. Amazing.

Army son in Missouri saw his first snow, and Air Force son said he saw/is experiencing sleet wherever he is in the five state area near Ohio today.

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