Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today is Tuesday

While chopping on my hair this morning, I had the puppy cam up, and noticed that the puppies were being very naughty---they shredded the pee pads and scattered the mess all over their playpen area. Wow. They wore themselves out, and were still biting at the plastic underneath part and even choking occassionally. I wonder why the owners don't monitor them while they are at work? Then the owner came home for lunch about 1pm California time, and tripped and fell stepping over the sides of the pen, and hit the camera. But, after about an hour and a half, the owner had it all cleaned up, and back on. I also watched the NASA website. Turning urine into drinking water is just so hard to get excited about. But, the pictures from space are wonderful. And listening to them talk back and forth with the ground about where to stow stuff, and whatall to bring back is a hoot.

Since I had cooked so much yesterday testing recipes, it was easy to snack on nutritious stuff today. And Bob and I just finished the last of the blackberry cobbler after supper, and talking to James.

Clothes got folded, but there is still a dryer full needing hung up. And I knitted a few dishrags and a hotpad and got the box set up to mail my friend in Ennis as I had completed ones overflowing the shelf here. Soon as this box is full...I will put it in the mail.

I even called my neighbor one block over and told her about the puppy cam and the naughty puppies. She walked over with her grandson to see. Her little grandson is so cute. Three years old, and big brown eyes. I pulled out the Chevron cars for him to play with. Those are always a big hit.

Bob is home on vacation until Monday. Whoop. Five days at home !!!!! Wow

And my firstborn helped the grandchild call me this evening. I heard a little voice say, "mom?" "mom?" I was able to say, wow, are you riding in the car with Daddy? and are you going home to see mom?? I then heard, "car" and "mom" again. Too cute.
Andy said the ducks in Ohio were walking ON the lake. It dips below freezing there at night.

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