Friday, November 14, 2008

Heavy Dew

The dew is so heavy that it is dripping off the roof. That will nourish the new grass seed, won't it?

Here in Texas, we plant rye grass seed in the fall so that our yard is green all winter. Our gully washer of a storm the other night washed most of the seed away or into little grass seed windbreaks. We won't know until it grows, but Bob scattered another bag of seed just in case.

Did I mention that Walmart is playing Christmas Carols already? When I asked a restocking clerk about it, he replied that ever since Halloween, Walmart has been playing carols. I don't know--it just makes me smile to hear a trumpet rendition of "fall on your knees...." in the pickle aisle.

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JAMIE'S CREW said...

The dew is dripping here this morning too. We have five ducks in residence today. The two mallards, and three that definitely aren't mallards. I put a post up last night. Good luck on the next scrabble match!