Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today felt like Wednesday, but its Tuesday, Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day. For a long time, my most literal household would get upset at those who mix up Memorial Day, and Veteran's Day, but in reading some stories of living Veterans, I think I understand why---because in their minds, yes, they are the Veterans, and yes, they came home. But, their memories are full of the dear friends that did not get to come home, and why wasn't it them?

Then, our newly minted Army Man said he felt funny taking Veteran's Day off because he did not yet feel like a veteran. And most veterans had to work today. I think the banks and post office were closed, but my husband, a veteran, had to go to work.

And I knew it was Tuesday. I set out the bags of fallen leaves and recycling bin for tomorrow, as Wednesday is garbage day, but somewhere I slipped a cog. Somewhere today, it started feeling like Wednesday. And so when Bob came home, I gave him the choice of breakfast foods for supper or McDonalds before Wednesday night church. Bob chose McDonalds. We ate. We talked. We drove across the street from the McDonalds (which is a dangerous manuever crossing a busy street with the church driveway, McDonald's and Braum's driveways all close together. You take your life in your hands to do this.) We sat in the church parking lot, and wondered where everybody was. Maybe we were just early. I was about to get out of the car and turn on the church porch lights, when it dawned on Bob that church would not start for another 24 hours. Silly me. Silly, silly me.

I got to keep my four-year-old nephew today. He threw up at school yesterday, and they think it was just bad milk, but had to stay home and not throw up for 24 hours. So, we watched the BEE MOVIE, TOY STORY, and TOY STORY 2. And we even took a nap in the recliners. My nephew was not real keen on the nap idea, but I said, lets try closing our eyes for fifteen minutes. He then snoozed for two and a half hours until his momma came to pick him up. He us a sweet little boy, and very easy to watch. He usually visits with his big brothers that do not let him play with anything fun for very long. But, again today, like one day last week, he had all the toys to himself.

So, I don't know what happened. Sunday felt like Sunday, but we got to meet James' wonderful new girlfriend Sunday night. And then Monday night, we got to eat out with James and his wonderful new girlfriend. And then it stormed. And I think all our grass seed washed away. We will see when it sprouts where the seed congregated. I remember being asleep in bed after midnight and there was this huge thunder crash. It was so loud.

Today is Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. Today is Tuesday. James left this morning to drive back to Missouri. All roads lead to his wonderful new girlfriend's house or place of work. He is so funny. When he came into town for the weekend last Friday night, he stopped first at her house. And for a while, I thought maybe just James' laundry came home for the weekend...but we are glad he had a good time. To meet such a wonderful, Christian girl, well, its and answer to prayer.


Bob said...

The funniest part is: we were actually considering playing hooky from Bible class 'cuz it's just a film this week. Good thing we didn't listen to the devil, eh? (Honest, I knew it was Tuesday -- right up until I got home.)

joyce said...

sometimes its like coming home to the Twilight Zone, eh, dear?

Bob said...

It's always an adventure.