Friday, May 8, 2009

BEGAT means Born, opposite of abort !!!

Sitting there eating my salad---

now I know why I love the BEGATS !!! Begat means born, or father or mother, or give birth to---and raise to adulthood so that they can begat someone, and God is BIG into BEGATTING !!!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!!!!!!!!

Quickverse makes it easy to count how many times a word occurs in the Bible.

The word, BORN occurs 308 times in 266 verses.

"gave birth" occurs 32 times in 30 verses.

Isn't that wonderful?!!! We serve a loving God who invented SEX and MARRIAGE and FAMILY and gave us little babies to love and raise.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, to spice it up a little, when the Bible is read aloud, we read: And Eve gave birth to Cain: Eve did not abort Cain. Eve gave birth to his brother, Abel. Even DID NOT abort Abel.

And brave Mary, the Mother of Jesus: Luke 2:7 says: she gave birth to a Son, her firstborn and wrapped Him in cloths and laid Him in the manager...she DID NOT abort him. She DID NOT SMOTHER Him. And let's not forget the brave mother of Moses who tried to save his life by putting him in a watertight basket and setting him to float on the river, and gave instructions to his big sister to watch him.

Abortion is a modern crime. Women used to die in childbirth. But, thanks to modern medicine, most women survive pregnancy now, and the crime of murdering a baby before it is born sadly, has been a modern crime. One hundred years ago, women hid a pregnancy in big skirts. Many cultures leave unwanted babies in the wild to die even to this day. And in China, women are forced to have abortions in some crazy population control method. What are they going to do in a few years when the men outnumber the women?

God disciplined cultures that murdered tiny babies. Even some of the kings of Israel suffered for not removing the evil religion of the day that murdered babies. Some read the Old Testament and think God is cruel for wiping out whole nations or cities or towns---but often they were guilty of murder or homosexuality. (see Sodom and Gormorrah)

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