Saturday, May 23, 2009


Bob got some new cowboy boots. Now he is ready for the wedding. Bob uses cowboy boots as dress shoes.

We ate lunch at Chick-fil-A which I call, Chick-fill-you-up.

Then the dreaded visit to Best Buy for another computer stack. The sweat. No chairs. And spending a thousand dollars for the privilege of hearing about cpu-s, and processors, and gig-a-rams. And a charge for "office" software. And an extra charge for warranties, and harvesting of old stuff off the computer.

Dealing with salesmen who are hard to find. We did not dress up enough to get attentive salesmen. We look like a couple of old geezers.

Interesting. And the smaller, more compact stack costs less, but you have to load your dvd disks sideways. I can just see dropping them everywhere. Oh, well. A painful visit once every four or five years. At least they are into recycling old computers. Used to, Bob would order all they stuff online, and then spend hours and hours downloading the disks. Am I spoiled, or what. Nowadays, when you buy it at the store, they download everything for you, and you pick it up later. What fun. Three trips to the store. For that, they oughta deliver it, and set it all up. ha.

Cloudy day. Super humid, but not super hot. A rare easterly flow of a storm. It is not hurricane season, but the low has a hurricane type signature.

Doves and a few cardinals emptied out the seed supposidly yucky to squirrels in one day. wow. Hungry doves. The sparrows flip the safflower seed everywhere as if the good stuff is hiding underneath.

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Bob said...

Funny how that promised 2-hour software load ended up running past closing time (six hours later).

Oh well, you'll have your new computer tomorrow.

(By the way, "thousands" would be two thousand or more. We were shy of that by a lot.)