Saturday, May 9, 2009

COOOOL Weather

Wow. Cool weather one more time? It was so hot and humid and sticky here in the DFW area most of last week. Had to turn on the AC. Then, even though it was over 90 degrees yesterday, the temps started falling. Ah. Since midnight, it has been slowing sinking. Sixty-six feels delish. Opened the windows wide. Did not think we'd see this until October or November.

Bob got both front and back mowed again today. It had grown since Monday's hay mowing session. I lost count of the bags he hauled to the compost pile. It is probably full of the coastal dandelion seed, but, oh, well.

Still need to do haircuts. But, that can wait until tomorrow afternoon.

I have lazagna planned for lunch. I hope to set it going in the oven and then all I have to do is the rolls, and wash the salad. A super easy Mother's Day lunch after church.

James brought his blankets home this weekend, so I have been feeding them one at a time into the washer and dryer. Somehow, a few were soap laden. So, they needed an extra rinse. I have tried before to wash them and in too full a load, I have now learned that they eat all the soap.

Time for bed? Even though it was cloudy all day, Bob got some sun. His co-workers are going to think he has a boat...or a convertible.

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