Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It is Wednesday? Whoops!

Tuesday night, Bob got off early after a meeting in Fort Worth, so we ran off to the movies and saw Star Trek again. I heard the music this time. And saw more of the insidious bias---its all about feelings, go with your feelings, Spock. We just blew up the logic planet. And the biggest coincidence ever---rebel just happens to be banished to planet Spock from the future is on. Bob still had to explain two different conversations, as I did not get them the first time, either. But, it was nostalgic.

How come when we eat an ice cream cone before bed, I cannot get up the next morning. And my eyes are all puffy? Yikes.

I am watching the NASA online coverage of the shuttle grasping the Hubble for repairs. They are moving in agonizingly slow. Slowing down for the grasp as light as a kiss. And the Hubble folks are having to give the telescope commands to accept this catch.

Yesterday, I listened to a progress supply module come in on automatic pilot. The Russians make me chuckle in their emotional play-by-play, as they were ready to take over the controls if needed: "steadily, stately, (it is coming in) like an important person". Too funny. That told me so much about their culture.

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