Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Woke up in the middle of the night with a bad dream. And I started thinking about my meal preparations. Reminded myself to turn the buttered pans over so that Sallycat does not lick them ! Bad kitty.

Bertolli does a baked lazagna that is really good, and so easy. I was going to put it in the 13 by 9 inch pyrex, but the two round pyrex (2 quart each) with lids did much better and kept it moist in case the preacher got long winded.

Bob and I live so close to the church, we drove home between Sunday School and church to make sure the oven turned on. I had it on automatic, but wanted to be sure. All that was left was putting the rolls in the oven, washing the lettuce, and whipping up some pumpkin pie for dessert. I use plain milk in pumpkin pie. So I had all the ingredients. It just seemed easier to eat at home today of all days, as the eating places are full, and waiters fractured. We can visit easier at home, too. I should have turned on the AC much, much earlier. I did not realize it was over eighty in here. I just started sweating and sweating. Thought I was having a hot flash. Ha.

Church was just way too emotional today----Janet put together a slide show of the kids, for moms, and I got to thinking about our grown sons---Andy to Alaska in August, and James possibly to Afghanistan in December. And Ben is having some health issues. I cry easily, and a friend hugged my neck--and she has more health issues than ten people. I do not have any problems compared to her. Such a sweet soul. She has been so tired lately from a "leaky" valve in her heart...that we keep in touch by email, as she has been too tired to go to church. So good to see her today. So, I boo-hoo-ed through church and vowed not to come to a Mother's Day next year---like Easter, the message is "lite" and I'd rather do a fun Mother's Day like the time we took Andy to see his new college. But, ours turned out fine.

Ben bought me a dozen roses and put them in water and had them on the counter when we got home from church. Wow. And even Benito came over with two more roses and carnations, and in his slippers wished me a "Happy New Year". It was too cute. I could not correct him.

The food was good. We had plenty. Plenty of rolls and salad left over, so Bob won't have to eat "birdseed" again. Last night, after working hard in the yard, Bob said he wanted something more substantial than "birdseed" when I offered him the trail mix with sunflower seeds in it. Too funny.

Amber took some pictures. She even caught the doves on the birdfeeder. I counted five doves at once. When we take pictures with James' digital, the screen is dark and affects the picture. But, Amber was able to grab the doves like a post card. Wow.

And I confessed the trick I played on Bob---he is going to blog about that, because I got him good. All in all, it was a pretty good day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone.


Bag Blog said...

We had the kids and grandkids over for lunch today too - you are right about it being easier than going out. By the time everyone left, we all needed naps.

Bob said...

Yeah, you got me. The lasagna was good, too.