Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy Saturday Morning

A cold front came through, so we are enjoying a rainy Saturday morning.

Watchin' the Shuttle space walkers repairing the Hubble online.

I need to give Bob a haircut.

More later

Later---we traveled to Frisco to visit Bob's brother and his wife and the other brother, Charlie in town for meetings. Ben-Ben rode with us. Bob had to use the windshield wipers with one hand and the steering wheel with the other as the rain was very spotty. Dry patches and then wet patches making their own weather on the new portions of 121 that is now toll--but take yer picture toll. Coinage for the North Dallas Tollway portion. I took salad and cheesecake, but Bob's sister-in-law knocked her self out with grilled chicken, green beans and new potatoes, hot bread, and brownies made with a symphony bar inside!! Whoa.

Fun to see their finished remodeled hearth and entertainment center. And no dog this time---not slobbery St. Bernards and no mutt licking the carpet. They hope to get another dog soon. Good to get caught up on their kids' news.

James and Amber were at a recital, but they said they'd go to church with us Sunday morning. Bob and I stayed up tooooo late as Bob was playing on the computer, and I worked for hours trying to get a silly knot out of my extra large yarn ball. When I stepped out to do laundry, Bob gave the yarn a try---but decided to cut it. Now why didn't I think of that?? There comes a point in trying to unravel a knot (rat's nest of a knot) that it becomes a quest, and I just was not ready to take the easy way out. Bob made that decision for me. I could have knitted three dishrags for the unraveling of a knotted mess.

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Bob said...

Shorn and ready for lunch!