Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm Back...sorta

Last night, (wednesday) Bob and I watched a DVD--excellent yet sad HBO special, Taking Chance, about this Marine who escorted LCPL Chance Phelps home. My email was acting up, so I shut off the computer, as that usually clears it, but then it would not restart this morning.

Bob hooked up his old laptop for me to use. So, I'm back---until this crashes. Bob says not to get too attached, or depend on it toooo much.

Email. news.

But, I hope we can recover my pictures, and old journals and emails. But, with computers, you just learn not to get too attached. It is a race between the computer crashing, and the online folks changing your homepage. ha


Bob said...

I'll have a little time this weekend to try to get your old computer running, at least long enough to recover your old settings.

Anonymous said...

Computer issues are such a hassle! I hope you get it up and running again. And no pictures or personal thing's we're lost. I'm glad we get to e-mail now :) the race is on...