Saturday, May 2, 2009

It is a Good Day when we hear .. all three of our sons

It is Saturday morning, and Bob is working on his Sunday School lesson. Andy called this morning. And I called Ben just now to see how he is doing, and how his week went. Then James checked in and showed us the t-shirts they are selling for the fun run. So, we actually got to see James on Skype. Fun. Fun.

My thought are with Aunt Candace today. She is getting married to Thornton Bates. I wish them all the best. I hope Hannah and Ross have a good day, too.

Now I need to find something quiet to do so that Bob can study.

More later...more online journalling. More boring comments about the day. More parking stuff here that I have observed or want to remember.

Pjamas Media has an excellent video up debunking a certain commedian that has strange thoughts about WW2. I learned stuff they never taught at my high school, and I graduated in 1974. We did bend over backwards warning Japan to surrender or we would destroy certain cities embedded with munitions factories. As my Mother would say, "you learn something every day". And that is good. Never stop learning.

and on a website today that lists the fifty top tools every man should have---not only does my dear husband have every single tool, but I recognized them!!

More rain!! Wow. I think it has rained every day this week. This will ease the drought and fill up the lakes, and give other parts of the country a turn at the sunshine.

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