Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Silly me. I thought I posted something on Monday.

And now it is Tuesday.

Bob had a meeting in Dallas and then Fort Worth, so he drove in today. And he also procured his passport so that he can help Air Force son and his family drive to Alaska. After James and Amber's wedding, Bob will help drive one of Air Force son's cars north to Alaska. Isn't it silly that you need a passport to travel through Canada to get to Alaska? But, now Bob is ready to be a world traveler.

The Mimosa tree next door is in full bloom. So pretty. Feathery blooms look like pompoms. Whenever I spell Mimosa, clerks will ask, "like the drink?" And they are usually surprised to hear there is a Mimosa tree. Our street has mostly oak trees---and there is a wide variety of those, and a few magnolia, pine, and a few pecan. One street over, they have actual dogwood trees, the pink and white variety like you see in east Texas.

Our Sunday School teacher gave us a whopper of a homework assignment. Bob worked on his until midnight Sunday night. I worked on it some yesterday. And then had fun on Brietbart TV online.

The shuttle released Hubble this morning. Do they land tomorrow? We have the coverage going on a split screen, but I have not been listening with both ears, obviously.

I am learning more about Army son's day from his fiancee than from him. What happened to that guy that would phone us for a five to ten minute chat each evening? He hath droppeth us like a hot rock. Oh, well. As it should be. I guess. I don't have to like it. So there. I think I will order extra starch for his shorts...I mean shirts.

I am still in shock and amazement that Ben-Ben ate supper with us Friday night, Saturday night at Uncle Roy's, and Sunday lunch, too...three meals in three successive days...whoa. My brother called me today and talked about the El Paso job. That would take Ben-Ben away for a long time. But, it would give us an excuse to go see him and relive our El Paso days. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

haha, extra starch for his shorts, er, I mean shirts. You are too funny. I think it's just been a busy time for James.


joyce said...

I think we are experiencing a time in James' life when you, dear Amber, will know more about his day to day than we do. And I have read with some guys, that they defer to their wives to do most of the communicating with their folks. Andy is pretty good about calling once a week. Sadly, sometimes guys let all the communicating fall on the wife.