Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I should be packing

Let's see if this post gets eaten never to be seen again. ha

Storms came through again last night. My-oh-my. Thankfully, it was pea size hail. It went on for a while, and they rolled off the roof and dive bombed into the plymouth windshield. We hid the toyota in the garage. And it is a tight fit. Bob has it down to a science. He was disgusted with me as he could have gotten it four inches closer to the wall-of-tools and given me more room for my fat behind to get back inside the house on the other side of the car. I could have gone out the side door, and unlocked the gate and come in the front door. This storm literally formed up just west of the metroplex, and cartwheeled into town. On radar, it looked like it would stay north of I-30, but it just kept expanding. I bet folks on I-20 stayed dry. Then another storm rolled through at 2am. Silly Sallycat was outside. And we had all the windows wide open.

I never like Outlook email, anyway. The sbc one that comes with the homepage makes a list for you. I clicked on "contacts" and wow. There they were. Like a walk down memory lane. Only a few still worked. But, it says I have 222 old emails saved. That will jog a memory or two to scroll through those someday. We have so many W's and J's that the contact thingy has a separate page. That took me a while to figure out. I just knew Bob had given me a handful of new/old email addresses, but I could not find them. Then, I noticed the "W" page. Ah. Sneaky.

And what is with The "e" browser and foxfire. They are picky on what websites they will open. "e" likes the live cam at Mount St. Helens, but not Old Faithful. Foxfire will let me see it, but foxfire does not like Mount St. Helens. I will just keep both loaded with sites.

And if any of you dear readers want emails, please resend that email address. please. I think I have figured out how to load them. finally.

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