Monday, May 25, 2009

New Stack

New Stack called Gateway. New mouse. New keyboard.

I miss my old favorites. And I am slowly rebuilding. Took me forever just to figure out how to put the favorites column back on the left where I like it. I am not good at change. Favorites are easier to add to one brouser than another.

Bob worked on setting it all up all afternoon Sunday. Cords, dust, moving furniture, plugs, more dust, and downloading stuff. Gotta have icons. James downloaded a background of my old computer so that I can grieve better.

The geek folks at Best Buy transferred some old stuff, but the blogs are so old, it is like visiting old friends. Reading old newspapers. Some are still viable, but most I am having to delete because they are no longer there or not posting a new blog in years. I am adding the ones I remember as I find them on working blog rolls. And thankfully, I had a few favorites saved on my blogsite here. Whew.

Then, last night, with all the storms, our half of the block experienced a two hour power outage. Folks across the street had lights. Folks one block south had lights. Just our side of the street. Bob was on the new pewter at the time, so he was able to shut things down carefully. The surge protector box gives you a few minutes. Then we sat in the dark. And I got out the candles, and the flashlight, and we waited some more. As we opened windows, the loud drunken partiers next door could be heard even more easily, so we took off for Walmart and the post office. I needed to mail a package and a few letters, and Bob needed a new shoelace and some black shoe polish for his new cowboy boots.

The dvd thingy works. Listened to my new IL DIVO dvd last night.

I need to hunt and peck for my favorite weathersites. That low cartwheeled across Arkansas and Oklahoma yesterday, and I wonder where it is centered now.

Happy Memorial Day does not sound right. Yes, we are Happy to be free, but Memorial Day is about remembering. And I have stumbled upon some awesome sites to help me learn about the latest heros, like the woman West Point grad killed in Afghanistan on May 20th. This is not a good Memorial Day for her family.

More later.

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