Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I just spent time composing a post that is gone...

That is so discouraging. I'll come back once I have cooled down.

It was a wonderful post. All about James being home this weekend, and Bob spending hours setting up the new computer, and our finds on google earth, and trips coming up...

murphy's law. when you get sloppy and think things are permanent on computers, you get slapped down.



http://www.lesliekamm.blogspot.com/ (another mom who has given up everything to help her wounded son)


AirmanMom said...

Oh my, I do know your pain...ever since losing a really good post, I began to write my posts in Word, then doing a cut and paste into blogger. So far, so good!

joyce said...

Thank you, Airman Mom.

one cursing turned to blessing---Bob downloaded the newer version of google earth, and it has pictures! We can picture our Air Force son's house in Ohio ! Amazing.