Monday, May 4, 2009

A Food Post

For those of you that can't stand talk about warned. Go away.

Last night, our soon-to-be daughter-in-law brought us some flautas she made. Wow. Food delivered to our door! Are we spoiled or what!!?? How did she make them? I hope James paid attention. But, I heard he was showing off his vacuuming skills. Silly boy. I hope he is not going to be one of those who crow every time they clean the potty. I hope he cleans and folds and vacuums stealthily---as unto the Lord---not needing her to notice every cotton pickin' thing. 'Cause guess what, whatall she doeth for you will be so much and the list so long...there are not books enough to hold them all.

At lunch yesterday, we went to overpriced Carrabbas. The food was good. But, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Bob tried to get me to split an entree with him, but no...and I should have, but the good thing is that I got to eat the leftovers today. WOW. I have never had such a tasty breakfast. Ha. Just the right amount. Veal piccatta. lemony. with garlic potatoes.

And the bread at Carrabbas is delish. I love to take a loaf home for dessert---and toast the next day. I wish they'd let you buy an uncut loaf. I would cut the crust off, and feast upon the crust and give the soft innerds to dear Bob. Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no betwixt the two of them, they ate the whole loaf.

Am I spoiled or what??!!

To the grocery store I go because we are almost out of milk, and fruit, and birdseed. And I have doves to feed before I sleep.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked them :) I'll have to show you how I made them.

the difference between Flautas and taquitos are flour tortillas and corn tortillas. Taquitos are made with corn :)

Have a Blessed day!