Saturday, May 2, 2009

Can't Sleep

It is four o'clock in the morning.

I have been naughty. A dear niece hinted of some digestive problems, and in our country, that means she got to shell out over $800 to rule out things, which in English means, the doctor was protecting himself from lawsuit. If she comes down with something, he can point to the tests and say, "see, I did nothing wrong---I ran these expensive tests". Yikes.

My dear niece, did not want to burden us with the details of her symptoms, nor did she want to discuss them in the public forum that is the blogosphere. But, as a mom, that just makes me curiouser. So, I started guessing. And giggling. And Uncle Bob came up with a few guesses, too. And we sorta got carried away. I hope she will forgive us either before or after she laughs. She had not posted in so long, and now our over-the-top comments may scare her away from blogging for another month.

Uncle Bob was so good to get his yearly physical. And he bravely told the doctor about a mole on his back that I did not think looked right, and the doctor took it off, and he got his results back yesterday: the mole was not cancer. So, we celebrated by going to Chick-fill-you up, and ate supper. It does not take much for us to celebrate at Chick-fill-you up. I had the chicken strip salad. (sounds naughty) and Uncle Bob had a sandwich and fries. We love their ice cream cones, too. But, you get chilled eating them there. Best to eat them careening down the freeway so that you can control the temperature inside the car.

The creative juices are flowing. I must confess, I thought of a few more digestive disease guesses...

And aren't biscuits in England called "digestives"?

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