Friday, May 22, 2009

Four Years Ago Today

Four years ago today, it was a Sunday. And our firstborn got married! It was a very hot day near Galveston, and yet the wedding cheese cake was frozen solid. We have such fond memories of the groom trying to cut the frozen wedding cake with his saber.

Lauren was a beautiful bride. They chose a wedding place that used to be an old bank, and it was so pretty inside. Laurens mom had been my good friend through high school as we attended the same church and sat together and had sleepovers, and so it was the best to be a part of a wedding where we knew the brides parents real well.

Four years, and that second lieutenant will soon be a captain. And their two year old is learning how to say, Alaska. I hope they have a wonderful anniversary. And look back with fond memories. It was like a huge family reunion. And now we are looking forward to the next son to marry in July. James found out today that Afghanistan is being dropped, and they may deploy to Iraq in March instead. What a changeable Army under this present administration. I am so glad James will have more time to get to know his new bride with the deployment being changed. I hope she does not feel rushed. It all seems to be happening so fast. We are getting the best deal---another daughter-in-law!!!!!!!!

Happy Anniversary Andy and Lauren. May you have many, many more---and actually look back someday and remember whatall you did on the 4th anniversary.

I remember our tenth because we went to Galveston, and my folks kept the babies. And I remember our 15th because Bob went all out with shrimp and a hotel downtown Dallas, the Anatoine. Fancy. And I remember our first, because I fixed prime rib and Bobs family and aunt and uncle were there.

I am not an idiot---but Bobs laptop wont let me do the aposterphe. I give up.

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Bag Blog said...

Congrats to A&L! The frozen cheese cake is funny.