Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The house is quiet tonight. Bob taught Sunday School this morning---he did not get all the way through his lesson, so I am glad he practiced the whole thing on me before we left for church.

And we talked to all three of our sons yesterday AND today. That is neat. Rare.

The firtborn and family are back home after a geology field trip to Lake Erie. When I was saying good-bye to the grandchild, I'd say, "bye-bye" and the grandchild would mimic me exactly. If I said, "bye-bye-bye", the grandchild would, too! Smart one! Have I reported that firstborn gets his captain's bars pinned on June 1st, and there is cake involved?? Should be fun!

I cannot spill the beans on our middle son just yet. Not until James and Amber give permission. Let's just say it is gonna be a fun, fun summer!!!!!!!! I am so glad Amber got to see James today, and that she then came by our house, too! Wow. I was so good to see her. It has been such a roller coaster week, that I have been wanting to hug her all week. Last Monday, James got the news about moving down to a battalion possibly deploying to Afghanistan in December. We knew he'd probably deploy somewhere once he finished his training, but other places had been voiced, so Afghanistan was a jolt. Time to brush up on all things Afghanistan. And maybe it won't happen what with the current administration, and Sec. Gates not wanting to send more troops. The only way to win in Afghanistan is live with the people, so they know we are there to help for years and years. They will try to milk the USA for everything they can, and they are corrupt, but unless we built schools, and give them some profitable way to earn a living, they will go back to poppies and abusing their own. But, does this administration understand this mission? Is this our mission for the next twenty years and more? Is America ready to pour billions and billion of dollars and blood and sweat and tears into Afghanistan? I am not real thrilled with propping up their evil religion of slavery and abuse of women and children. What are our options?

Youngest son ate lunch with us today and introduced us to Christie. It was good to see him. He had the great news of being put on salary with the company he has worked faithfully for two years now. The company is growing, and hopefully, though they are small, they can add health care soon. Ben said his blood pressure was elevated for some strange reason. That is not good. He is thin, and works hard. He needs some wisdom teeth looked at, and a pilonidal cyst fixed. He is not covered on our insurance because he does not live with us, he is over 21, and he is not in school.

It rained so hard most of the weekend that the mowing had to be postponed. And we are now beyond mowing---we need a hay baler. At least the coastal dandelions got to go to seed, so I will get to enjoy some next year. We are gonna get a ticket from the city for having too, too tall grass out front.

Skyped with James, and with my folks. When you skype with my folks, you get to see my Dad in his jockeys. He is almost 74 years old--the end of this month, so there is no changing him now. He needs a t-shirt that says, I am a sucker for any con man or woman well dressed, who can tell a convincing sad story. Please--Dad--give her gas next time, not cash.

Time for bed. And what is with the cat---little tuffs of hair everywhere she sits---best take her in for a flea check. Vacuuming every day.

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