Monday, August 17, 2009

The Colonel Was Promoted Home Last Night

I just got word that The Colonel was promoted to heaven home last night. What a wonderful spriritual legacy! And all I can think of are all the wonderful friends and family welcoming him there: Mrs. Karn, Wayne Mitchell, Sue Rhode, Nance's mom Barbara, Skoneee!

His son had been told it would be soon. And so at Berachah yesterday, the sermon included a tribute. John said there was not a dry eye in the place. And Bobby, the Colonel's son and now pastor at Berachah said he whispered in his Dad's ear, and said, "if you can't hear me, I'll repeat it when I get there" or something to that effect. And Bobby said that both his parents seemed to be in prayer.

What wonderful news. Because, as Christians we know for certain that this is truly a promotion. A celebration. No more pain, no more tears, no more restrictions of old age.

I am so thankful for The Colonel's faithful teaching from my sophomore years, through high school, and all those years and years of tapes and FX and books as we moved from Savannah to El Paso to Fort Worth.

Thank You, Lord for raising up and training such a Godly man to teach Your Word, word by word from the original languages, verse by verse for over fifty years. I know You have already told him, "Well done." I just don't know that The Colonel appreciated how the Lord used him to touch so many, many lives---the original mega church will be lined up to shake his hand. I can't wait to say, "thank you!" God used you to change my life. And change the life of my family growing up. My folks picked up and moved from Illinois to Houston just to attend the daily Bible studies at Berachah Church. What a wonderful legacy. I remember one of the first messages on tape that caught my attention was the series on Genesis. It all made sense! And we could not get enough.

Going to Berachah Church, I learned more about history, economics, government, patriotism, family, and life than I ever learned at school. Thank You, Lord!

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