Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All is calm, all is bright

Little precious girl is sleeping. Taking a late afternoon nap.

We all got up late this morning, and explored the Arlington Highlands a bit. Mostly Bed, Bath and Beyond and then the Red Robin for lunch. They make a burger too big to fit in your mouth.

Lauren is looking for long sleeved shirts for Abby. I pointed her to Northeast Mall. The fall stuff is in the stores now. Just in time...

One more day, and then Lauren and Abby fly away on Alaskan Airlines super early in the morning. Good thing I wake up at 3am these days without an alarm. So, tomorrow is my last day with my granddaughter for three years, maybe. Next time we see her in person, she will be five or six years old. I am thankful for skype. We can see her, and she can see us a little. What wonderful new adventures await them in Alaska.

Bob and Andy should be getting into TOK tonight. I hope we can skype with them so Abby can see her Daddy and her GrandDad.

Things are so green here. Even though we are having a string of over 100 degree days.

All is calm. And the sun makes it very, very bright in this cloudless, clear sky.

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Bob said...

The hotel has internet, but only in the main building (Andy and I are rooming in a separate apartment-like complex). So right now we're sitting in the lobby of the hotel. We'll skype just as soon as you and the girls return from Cracker Barrel.