Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bob requested I blog about our new squirrel bait

the ants seem to be ignoring the bait traps, but the squirrel is chowing down on the pile of bait granuals I left on the outside window sill. he just can't get enough of the stuff. maybe if I beat on the window he'd go away...nah. I just hope he dies somewhere other than our garage or shed where he'd stink up the place. They need to rename that fire ant bait, squirrel feed. wow. grape nuts for squirrels. he is licking up every last granual. amazing. this will keep the doves and sparrows out of it. suppose I should tell the ambro people how much squirrels like their stuff? in the whole time I have typed this, the squirrel is still banqueting off the ant bait. some granuals are sticking to its snout. i am so mean. please don't report me to Amy Baxley. She loves squirrels. maybe if I set the trap with ambro fire ant bait, I could catch more squirrels. oh. the squirrel is a she. she is gonna have a tummy ache tonight. love, the squirrel poisoner.

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Bob said...

I laughed again.