Saturday, August 8, 2009


Alas, I am down to my last bag of wedding bread. I will start rationing myself to four small cut pieces a day and see if I can stretch it out...

Poor me. Forsoothe. And forthwithe. And I only have to make coffee every third day. A pot divided into a tall jar still yieldeth enough for two huge mugs day one, then iced for days two and three. With even enough for splashing on the milk to make coffee milk treats. It is almost time to order more coffee. We have almost made it through our first five pound bag from Coffee Select. I has been consistently good coffee, too.

I need to email Bob---that the persistent and insistent virus/trojan alert thingy must have been a fake, as my own scans reveal nothing. It only asked if I wanted to "keep" astronomy picture of the day. wow. Good thing Bob said to be suspicious of alerts, and shut down, and run my own scan. whew. I really don't want to crash the pewter whilst Bob is gone. That would be embarrassing. Why, I might have to call the geek squad (which we signed up for). I have a list of geeky questions if ever we do need to call them: How do I unload instant messenger? Why is instant messenger fighting live cam for skype=ing? Why do some sites take "forever" to load, like Cakewrecks? Why won't the new pewter let me watch NASA live tv? and old faithful live cams?

As you can see, I have it so rough. Sigh.

I sit in air-conditioned comfort, and wake up to blinking radio clocks which signal unto me that there hast been a power outage in the night whilst I slept. Being the sleuth that I am, I compare the wall battery powered clock to the oven dial mode clock and determine that we were without power for fifteen or twenty minutes sometime in the night. And reset said clocks...trying to make sure the radio clocks are set to AM or PM correctly.

My husband is plotting a diabolical skeme to get me on a cruise ship. Ha. No way Hose-eh. Not on your life. Hasn't he read about the food poisoning aboard cruise ships? Hasn't he read about having to wear patches to keep from vomitting? Vomitting and Vacation are not synonymous, in my opinion. Then there are the tight spaces---I get claustrophobic just thinking about getting stuck in some space saving loo aboard ship, falling or slipping. NO thank you. Just go on one yourself. Preferably with your next wife. Shudder. I have NO desire to travel.

A star studded mountian top cabin sounds fun. Ranger Peak sounds mountain enough, too. Why, I'd be grateful for a trip to Oklahoma City to see the memorial. I'd go this weekend by myself, 'cept we have guests coming. I was so tempted to head thataway the other day, when delivering a load to Lawton. So tempting to turn left instead of right and check out Oklahoma City. But, I was not in my most reliable car at the time.

James called yesterday. They bought a new couch. Did I want to haul the old one home? No. The Cargo couch is sturdy, but heavy, and uncomfortable to sit in. It has sentimental value in that this is the couch James scored with the clippers. gouged out a place on the arm rest, which Bob and Ben sanded out, restained and resealed. I had moved it to the guest room, and it was getting dusty when I was able to pawn it off on James to fill his first apartment. I hope they find a good home for it. We still have the cargo table, which needs sanding to even out the wood for Scrabble. Abby had trouble getting Buzz Lightyear to stand on the wood as it curves in places. She calls him Buzz Nightyear, which I like better. And she calls Woody, Boody. Too cute.

Bob said they are going to the Alaska State Fair today. That is great! I cannot get Bob to go to the Texas State Fair, so this is amazing. And to go with the granddaughter! I hope they remember the camera.

I wonder if the Alaska State Fair has quilts?
I wonder what all they sell food-wise at the Alaska State Fair?
Do they feature livestock? A food and fiber pavillion? A butter sculpture?

And I am curious about the people of Alaska. Has Bob seen natives? Eskimos? Tree huggers? gangs? Independent types that live off the land? and wash their clothes with propane powered washers?

Does Anchorage remind Bob of a tourist town? Does he feel like he is in Colorado? New Mexico? Are the people friendly? eye contact? waving?

And when Bob gets home in four or five days, he will be amazed at how green the back yard is. The tuffs of brown mowed grass are almost completely covered by new, green growth. And the front yard greened up, too in the monsoon that was the last week of July. He won't believe his eyes.

Better post all this goodness, before the pewter eats it.


Bob said...

I have my camera at the ready. We'll get you to Alaska one way or another.

I do have a hard time believing that the front yard has greened up, unless we're talking stickers (and not the kind Abby gets for going potty).

joyce said...

There are a few stickers out front. Do you want me to put the sticker Abby left of a princess on the stickers out front?

Bob said...

No, keep Abby's sticker sheltered in the house. I'll get those yard stickers when I get home.