Friday, August 21, 2009

How does Wendy do it?

Today, I get to keep my nephews today!! Griffin, Colby and Tanner.

Griffin is going into third grade, Colby into second, and Tanner will turn five in a few days. How does Wendy, their mom, hear them when they all talk at once!? Three way stereo.

They are having fun getting reaquainted with the chevron cars. And we made a run for Happy Meals which, thankfully, came with lego cars. How cool is that!

And thankfully, James left his old tv and dvd player all set up to play Veggie Tales. Too hot to play outside.

And they said they over heard their dad talking about dropping them off at his sister's. So, at last they know that their dad is my youngest brother. That has been a concept long in coming! Aunt Joyce, over and out.

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